Make some bubbles with these great products from Zing!

I received these products from Zing for review.  You can find all of these products at Walmart, Target and several other major retailers nationwide.

The Glove-A-Bubble is the original line of Zing bubble toys.  It is simple to use.  Just put the glove on your hand, dip the top part in the bubble pouch and then wave it around.  You'll be amazed by how many bubbles will fill the air!  It is now available in 8 new glove designs including a cheetah, penquin, fox and lots of bubble "monsters".  The suggested retail price is $1.99.

With Big-A-Bubble you can create one long giant bubble.  Dip the cord into the bubble solution, then open the mouth of the glove using your thumb and index finger.  Then just run around letting a giant bubble form as you go.  Big-A-Bubble is available in 6 different designs:  lion, crocodile, pirate, shark, duck and bear.  The suggested retail price is $1.99.

The Wave-A-Bubble gives you double the bubbles for double the fun.  Just put on the gloves, dip them in the bubble solution and wave your hands around to create tons of bubbles.  Wave-A-Bubble is available in 4 different characters:  mermaid, dinosaur, bird and frog. The suggested retail price is $4.99.

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