Get your kids away from screens and into some awesome outdoor fun with these dart blaster guns!

I received these dart blaster guns from Buzz Bee Toys for review.

The Adventure Force Night Attack is a dart blaster gun that lets you see your target even in the dark because it comes with a light that attaches to the rail on top of the gun.  You  can hit your target from up to 100 feet away.  Thanks to the light, you won't have to stop the battle just because it gets dark.  You can continue your battle into the night!  So invite your friends over for a sleepover, and start your very own dart blaster war.   

Each blaster comes with 6 long distance darts, the rail light and a clip.  These are recommended for children age 8 and up and can be purchased at Walmart for the manufacturers suggested retail price of $9.97.   

The Air Warriors Covert Squad Blasters come in sets of two, with earbuds to use with the walkie talkies that are built in to each blaster to allow you to communicate with your partner at distances up to 300 feet.  You will be able to use these to communicate with your partner, as you surround your enemy.  The walkie talkies have two channels, so you can communicate on a different channel than your opponent and not be overheard.  Blast them from up to 100 feet away using the realistic bolt loading action.  Recommended for children age 6 and up, the Covert Squad blasters can be purchased at Target for the manufacturers suggested retail price of $24.99.  Give yourself an advantage in your friendly backyard war with these blasters.   

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