When I shop online, almost every business I deal with always asks, "Would you recommend our business to you friends?"  Why do they ask this?  Is it because they want to know if you liked shopping with them?  Absolutely. If you liked shopping with that particular business, then you are going to tell your friends and family about it.   Do they have competitive prices?  Do they have great customer service?  Whatever you share with others is valuable insight for that business.  They want to gain your friends and family as customers.
Bet you did not think they would consider that!  A happy customer will tell 11 friends while an unhappy customer will tell 15 friends. Using this type of question is called the NPS (Net Promoter Score).  NPS can let your business know when and what they need to improve on in the business.  Was shipping slow?  Was the product sub par?  You will have to dig deep to find out why a customer gave you a low score.
You want that loyal customer and that score is important.  That loyal customer will tell others and when those others become loyal customers, your business gets sales, and sales equals money,and money equals profit.  Did you follow that?

As a business owner, you should be measuring your NPS.  It can tell you so many things.  It can help predict future sales and growth.  Are there things you need to improve to grow? It is also east and fast for your customer to click that rating. If you have a quick survey, your customers are more apt to answer that survey over one that is longer.  And, you gain so much valuable information.  NPS is also easy for your business to understand. Did your customer like your product, what about that product did they like?  These are important questions to have answers to.  It helps you gain insight into what you need to do to ultimately increase sales.

I think the most important aspect of NPS is that it lets you measure yourself against your competitors. If your customers are unhappy with your brand, they are going to shop with a competitor.  You definitely do not want that to happen. You can utilize the information you gather to see what your business needs to do to keep the customers you do have and what to do to gain more customers.  If you have an unhappy customer, what can you do to improve, so that this customer returns and is happy.

I will admit, I am guilty of NOT taking some of the surveys after a customer service experieince.    I had an online chat with Amazon a few days ago and when the chat ends, it always asks:  Did I solve your problem and has a yes or no.    Th reason I do not check a box, is because I do not know right at the moent if I actually got my refund or return label.  It all depnds on why I had to get customer service invlovled in the first place.

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