Living in the Dorms Stress Free

I have a child about to go to college.  I am trying to prepare her to be stress free in her dorm.


Perfect for  back-to-school, the BunkTrunk is a safe/locker, nightstand and work surfaceall in one. TheBunkTrunk doesn’t require mounting hardware or take up floor or desk space. It easily fits above the top bunk in college dorm rooms or under the bed. The BunkTrunk has a digital combo, so you never have to worry about losing a key. It even has a power strip with USB ports to charge your gear when it’s locked away. It’s perfect to store textbooks, laptop, jewelry, money, medication and more! BunkTrunk solves a real problem that most college students may not even know they have, until they are in their dorm room, living with a stranger.

My daughter is in love with her BunkTrunk.  It was quite easy to put together.  Though hse is not yet in colloge, she will be next year.  She was excited to have her own locking cabinet in her bedroom and is thrilled that she can take to her college aprtment next year.  Right now, she has her laptop in the BunkTrunk.   We have another teen in the household and she likes for her things to be locked away.  She is taking college courses and locks her laptop up when she leaves so no one can acess it.  As a Mom, I think she hides her candy stash in there, too.

BullGuard VPN

As millions of college students head back to school, protecting their online privacy is probably not at the top of their to do lists. Parents of these newly-minted adults are likely warning their children about the dangers of partying and walking on campus at night, but they may not consider teaching them - or be educated themselves on - the very real potential of cyber threats and invasions of privacy online. That is when you need BullGuard VPN.

Top reasons to purchase a VPN:
  • Using a personal VPN is a great way to stream your favorite content while traveling to any country! You can access all of your favorite shows, movies and more any time, anywhere. Perfect for that study abroad trip or traveling back home for the holidays.
  • Using a VPN protects you from connecting to the same unprotected network as multiple other users; these open Wi-Fi networks allow cybercriminals to easily distribute malicious software to everyone connected - in the blink of an eye.
  • While it doesn’t cross many travelers minds on a regular basis, it’s actually really simple for hackers to set up a fake malicious network and pretend to be “Free SFO Airport Wi-Fi network” or “Coffee Shop Wi-Fi.” A personal VPN allows you to avoid putting yourself at risk while connecting to an unknown network. Don’t take the risk when you don’t have to!

BullGuard VPN is available for Windows®, Mac®, Android® and iOS® operating systems, BullGuard VPN is available for download and purchase on the Apple App Store, Google Play and the BullGuard website. BullGuard VPN starts from $79.09 for a one-year subscription

Thanks to BunkTrunk and BullGuard VPN for providing these products mentoned in this post!

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