Why you should stick to the dealership for your car needs

We are often told that the best think about a market system is that it gives us, the consumers, choice. This is certainly true, and will make our next message a little strange to hear. When it comes to car repair, however, you can’t beat the dealership. In this article, we’ll tell you the main reasons for this:
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1. Market forces make the dealerships competitive
We are not advocating a monopoly. Competition out there means that dealerships are stronger than ever, offering high-quality services at affordable rates. The existence of competitors means you can be sure you aren’t being given a bad deal.

2. The dealership knows your car best
The dealership that sold you the car know it inside out. Because most dealerships specialize in a particular marque or manufacturer, the mechanics there have received dedicated training to perform maintenance and repairs on that specific vehicle. Ordinary mechanics may call themselves a “Jack of all trades” but they are also, commonly, masters of none. Your dealership has the tools, the right parts, and, more importantly, the know-how.

3. The dealership knows you
Going back to the dealership means you build a closer working relationship with them. They know you, they know your car, and how you use it. Over time you can build a rapport with the staff there, and enjoy even more benefits and gain more direct access to services and advice. Customer loyalty has many advantages.

4. Peace of mind
A dealership comes with a brand name, and thus a higher standard to maintain. Should a dealership wish to continue displaying certain marques, accreditations and certifications of standards, then they have to do everything properly and by the book. This means you won’t have to worry about a mechanic cutting corners, using the wrong parts to save time, or being unable to get hold of the skills needed to get the job done right.

5. Comprehensive services
A dealership isn’t just a sales floor like in the past. Dealers now offer comprehensive services to their customers, including car finance, repairs, washing/detailing and more. The local dealership is truly a one-stop shop for your auto needs. All of this means less stress for you.

Shed your previous notions of what a car dealership is like, and come see for yourself. Check out what’s in your local area that matches your car type, and start enjoying the benefits today.

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