Readying the Car for the College bound

It’s an emotional time for many as they prepare for the end of their kids’ final summer at home from high school. This time they’re off to college, and that means they’re not just out for the day, they’re gone for the semester or even the entire school year. We understand it’s hard to lose them, but it’s important that we get them as ready as possible to face the challenges ahead, starting with prepping the car.

First, make sure they have their insurance, license and registration.
They haven’t been driving long, and may forget this otherwise basic requirement of drivers. Remind them to keep them in the glove compartment at all times, and store them in a way they can’t get wet or damaged.

Second, take the car to the dealership for a checkup.
They may have enjoyed using the car over the summer break, and that may have taken a toll on the car’s engine, tires, fluid levels and more. Before you let them drive off to college in that car, get the experts to perform a full check on it and get everything up to scratch. If nothing else, it’ll help give you peace of mind.

Third, instill a maintenance/cleaning schedule.
While the car is getting checked, ask the dealership to help furnish your son/daughter with the basic maintenance information that they need for the car model they’re driving. An expert mechanic there can instruct him/her on what to do weekly, monthly and annually to keep everything in working order. Furthermore, you can remind them of a proper daily and weekly cleaning schedule --- empty the trash every day, vacuum every week, take a trip to the car wash every two weeks. You know best, so make sure they do, too!

Fourth and finally, do some research into the local facilities at their college destination.
Your local dealership is always the best place to get car issues resolved, but if your child is away at college with the car, and has a serious problem, they may not be able to get the car back. In that case, you should scout out the area by looking online for reputable outlets for car repair, maintenance and other services like washing/detailing the car. Try to find an approved center that specializes in the brand/marque that you’re driving.

None of this makes the separation easier, but it should at least give you a little assurance that your child is safe on the road and ready for anything that could happen. It’s a scary world out there, let’s make sure our kids are ready for it.

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