It's World Farm Animal Appreciation Week!

I received these products to review for World Farm Animal Awareness Week (September 21-28).

First we have this beautiful Schleich Knabstrupper Mare toy figure.  Each figure is individually crafted out of high quality plastic.  The spots on its coat are as unique as its character.  The Knabstrupper is known for its willpower and intelligence, yet it is calm and good natured, making it very suitable for use as a therapy horse.  Depite being head strong and stubborn, they are very loyal animals.  This toy is recommended for any animal lover ages 5 and up.  It can be purchased on Amazon for $9.99.  

Next we have the Schleich Donkey Foal figure.  It is hand painted, highly detailed and made of high quality plastic.  Donkeys are sturdy and powerful, with a gray coat and white around the snout and eyes.  They have served humans for thousands of years as beasts of burden.  They help out on the farm, transport goods, sire mules, keep horses comapany, guard sheep and are even kept as pets.  They are highly valued for their ability to live in deserts.  They have a tough stomach and an ability to retain water from food.  They are very dependable as pack animals.  This toy is recommended for ages 3 and up.  You can purchase it on Amazon for $3.29.   

The Schleich Sheep is made of high quality plastic and hand painted.  Sheep have a soft cuddly wool that protects them from the winter cold.  Although it is airy, it still manages to trap body heat and absorb a lot of moisture.  This provide a pleasantly dry warmth.  This toy is recommended for ages 3 and up and can be purchased on Amazon for $5.29.     

Finally we have this cute Plus-Plus Cow Tube from their Farm Series.  It contains over 70 small pieces shaped like puzzled pieces.  You interlock these pieces together to build things.  This particular tube contains black, white and pink pieces.  Just follow the included step by step instructions to assemble the pieces together into your own Plus-Plus cow.  You can also use your imagination and build your own creations.  Plus-Plus is recommended for ages 5 and up and you can purchase it on Amazon for $7.99. 

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