Make the Switch to Cloth Pads---I did!

Are you looking to an alternative to traditional pads for your period.?  Have you tried cloth pads?  WE recently received this period kit from Highoh.  The kit contains six cloth pads and a a waterproof bag.

This has definitely changed my perception of cloth pads.  My daughter has been urging me to try them.  She is trying to reduce waste on our precious planet.  With cloth pads, you can wash and reuse, saving you thousands of dollars a year on traditionally bought menstrual pads.

These pads are made of all natural bamboo charcoal fiber.  They are very soft, which is exactly what you need for that sensitive area. And, they are washable! The period kit comes with a wet bag, so you can put your used pads in while you are away from home.  Just toss in the washer when you get home and you are set.  You can also toss them in the dryer or let them air dry.  I prefer to air dry mine.

Many that use cloth pads say, they are not big enough or they do not stay secure to their panties. These pads are just the right size and they do not bunch up.  I will admit, I was skeptical.  But, after using them for a week , I will never go back to traditional pads again.  Not only am I saving money, I am saving the Earth.  According to manufacturer, these pads should last four years, with normal use.  I spend about $25 month for pads for two in my household.  That is $300 year and $1200 over the course of four years.  You can spend $29.99 one time and these pads will last you a while.  You will always have pads whether it is for your period or incontinence.

One thing I was very concerned with, was my sensitive skin.  Would they be irritating?  They absolutely are very soft and did not cause any irritation.  I am very pleased and I highly recommend.

I plan on buying more and giving as gifts to me female friends.  Why not make the switch to cloth pads today.  You can save money and  start making a dent in saving the Earth.

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