PLAYMOBIL Furnished School Building

I was thrilled when Playmobil asked me to review this toy. My very favorite part:  They included a wheelchair with this Playmobil Furnished School Building.  As a parent of a special needs child this means so much to me.  It means inclusion for those who might be differently abled.  The children playing with this set will see and play with it.

Classes are in session at the Furnished School Building. Upon arriving, students can ind storage for all their school supplies in the downstairs lockers, before heading to their first class of the day. Then, with the help of the functioning digital clock with school bell, students can make sure they get to class on time.  Those unable to take the stairs can use the functioning elevator to get to classes on the second floor.  The elevator, along with the access ramp and larger bathroom stalls, make this school wheelchair friendly.  The downstairs room is a fully-equipped biology classroom with a skeleton model, bio charts, and encased spider for studying.  Upstairs, students will find a computer lab and teacher’s office. Combine this set with the rest of the PLAYMOBIL School theme (#9453-9457 – sold separately), for even more fun.  Set includes three adult figures, six child figures, functioning clock with school bell, desks, backpacks, bicycles, laptops, chairs, classroom charts, books, skeleton, wheelchair, toilets, sinks, and tons of other accessories.

Your children will have hours of fun with all they can do with this set.  It is so realistic of school buildings.  The clock is phenomenal and the biology classroom is fully equipped..  This is one of my favorite sets from Playmobil.

The set retails for $129.99 and can be found at most retailers that sell toys.

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