I am happy to partner with PLAYMOBIL to bring you this post.

Here is something totally new from PLAYMOBIL, with the digital-meets-real-world concept of the EverDreamerz, combining  story-based unboxing and collecting! The theme features five best friend characters as they experience adventure, face their fears, and have fun in different dream worlds. 


First up is the EverDreamerz Candy World theme!

Here’s the storyline: Friends Viola, Rosalee, Clare, Starleen, and Edwina  venture to Rosalee’s Candy World dreamscape. The evil Lady Nightmare tries to turn the girls’ dreams into nightmares, but the power of friendship unites them, and they go on to meet a cast of supporting characters along the way. (12 additional characters to collect, including the likes of Mrs. Milshake and Mr. Cookie Bear!)
Each beautifully designed box (see attached) comes with collectables cards, bracelets, beads, charms and accessories, as well as stickers to complete a free sticker booklet. 

Welcome to the magical world of EverDreamerz! Travel into exciting dream worlds with five best friends as they experience adventure, face their fears, and have lots of fun. Use the magical amulet to be transported into a dream world, unboxing fun surprises as you go! Open, discover, and collect! Check them out here!
Enjoy dessert with Rosalee, who has quite the sweet tooth. Thanks to her warm nature, she is always there for her friends and can be trusted to hold the group together. Open the magical amulet to reveal an exciting unboxing experience with seven fun surprises inside, including your very own bracelet and special candy charm! When the magical adventure is over, store all the pieces back inside the box, for easy storage. Collect all five EverDreamerz sets for even more fun! Set includes Rosalee, silicone charm bracelet, candy charm, beads, trading card, stickers and many other accessories.

Search for twelve magical characters from the candy world!  Each mystery box has five surprises inside.  Will you find the limited edition golden cupcake? Set includes surprise character, a character-specific cupcake charm, trading card, sticker and accessories.


PLAYMOBIL Furnished School Building

I was thrilled when Playmobil asked me to review this toy. My very favorite part:  They included a wheelchair with this Playmobil Furnished School Building.  As a parent of a special needs child this means so much to me.  It means inclusion for those who might be differently abled.  The children playing with this set will see and play with it.

Classes are in session at the Furnished School Building. Upon arriving, students can ind storage for all their school supplies in the downstairs lockers, before heading to their first class of the day. Then, with the help of the functioning digital clock with school bell, students can make sure they get to class on time.  Those unable to take the stairs can use the functioning elevator to get to classes on the second floor.  The elevator, along with the access ramp and larger bathroom stalls, make this school wheelchair friendly.  The downstairs room is a fully-equipped biology classroom with a skeleton model, bio charts, and encased spider for studying.  Upstairs, students will find a computer lab and teacher’s office. Combine this set with the rest of the PLAYMOBIL School theme (#9453-9457 – sold separately), for even more fun.  Set includes three adult figures, six child figures, functioning clock with school bell, desks, backpacks, bicycles, laptops, chairs, classroom charts, books, skeleton, wheelchair, toilets, sinks, and tons of other accessories.

Your children will have hours of fun with all they can do with this set.  It is so realistic of school buildings.  The clock is phenomenal and the biology classroom is fully equipped..  This is one of my favorite sets from Playmobil.

The set retails for $129.99 and can be found at most retailers that sell toys.

Check out our reviews of  the Tiny Paws Pet Hotel and. Lucky's Happy Home .  This is why we love Playmobil.


Watermelon Waffles

What's better in the summer than a big slice of watermelon?  Growing up I loved that bright pink fruit that tasted so good and the spitting the seeds at my brother after every bite.  I still do.  If you love watermelon as much as I do, you will love this recipe for Watermelon Waffles.  The recipe will make 4 full waffles.

  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 3/4 C Milk
  • 1 TBS Sugar
  • 1 TBS Baking Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1/2 C Oil
  • 2 C Flour
  • 1 Handful Chocolate Chips
  • Red and Green Food Dye
  • In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together the eggs and milk.

  • Add in the sugar, baking powder, salt and oil.  Mix until well combined and there are no lumps.

  • Whisk in the flour until just combined, DO NOT OVERMIX!

  • Take 1 1/2 cups of the waffle batter and place into a separate bowl.

  • Add several drops of green food coloring to the small bowl of batter.
  • In the large bowl, add several drops of red food coloring, and a handful of chocolate chips.

  • Grease a hot waffle iron (if yours requires it), and add a large scoop of the red waffle mix to the center.
  • Use a small spoon to ladle a thin layer of green batter around the edge.

  • Sprinkle a few more chocolate chips, if desired, and cook to your preference.
  • Serve warm with syrup, whipped cream, or just by themselves.
  • Enjoy!


Kim Possible DVD

Nothing we love more than a new Disney release and this time it is Kim Possible, out on DVD NOW!!  Get your copy now and enjoy this family friendly movie from our friends at Disney

Based on the global hit animated series, the live-action "Kim Possible" Disney Channel Original Movie follows everyday teen hero Kim Possible and best friend and sidekick Ron Stoppable as they embark on their freshman year of high school, all while saving the world from evil villains. By their side every step of the way is teen tech-genius Wade and new friend Athena, who also happens to be a Kim Possible super fan and is eager to join Team Possible. While Kim and Ron have always been one step ahead of their opponents, navigating the social hierarchy of high school is more challenging than the action-hero ever imagined. With Drakken and Shego lurking in the wings, Kim must rely on her family and friends more than ever. Now it's up to Team PossibleKim, Ron, tech-genius Wade, new friend Athena and Rufus, a naked mole-rat that Ron meets along the way—to stop these super villains.

From the Studio That Brought You Teen Beach and Descendants!

High School Makes Saving the World Look Easy!

Bring Home on Disney DVD March 26th


Must have Mack Truck ride on toy

Available only at Hammacher Schlemmer, this Mack Truck ride on is a kid's dream toy.  Come with the wagon, but not the stuffed animals.   Your child can enjoy driving around the neighborhood towing his (or her) favorite items. 

When you buy from Hammacher Schlemmer you have a lifetime warranty.  That is a great warranty.   The Mack Truck ride on toy goes for 45 minutes on one charge.

I know many of your children would be thrilled to wake up on Christmas morning and see this.  Order now by going here.

Check out the video below for all the fun.  Merry Christmas to you all.

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