Tips for Driving in the Fall

Tips for Driving in the Fall

The fall may bring with it a relief from sweltering summer temperatures, and beautiful changing colors in the trees, but it also brings its own set of unique risks that we must face on the road. Below we have some essential advice for driving safely in this most changeable and unpredictable of seasons. Take heed!
1. Reduce your speeds by at least 5mph
The fall brings fluctuating temperatures and changeable weather. It might be bright but cool (even frosty) in the morning, but then feel warmer by lunchtime. There also may be leaves strewn all over the roads, and bad light in the late afternoons as the long nights draw closer. For all this, you should slow down from your summer cruising speed and pay closer attention to what’s out there on the road.

One additional point about the leaves – don’t brake hard on them when they’re wet, because wet leaves can be as dangerous as winter ice!

2. Check your tire tread
These varying driving conditions also mean that our tires need to be in tip top shape. Check the tread for wear and tear and take it to your dealership if you think anything looks amiss. Besides the tread, also make sure the tires are inflated enough.

3. Use your lights more, even when it’s not dark yet
As mentioned above, the fall brings strange light conditions in the afternoons. You may well be able to see where you are going, but from a distance, pedestrians can sometimes struggle to see you coming as they’re crossing the road. Kids playing out will pay even less attention. Put on your low beams starting in the late afternoon to make sure that others can always spot you as they enjoy what’s left of the weather before winter comes.

4. Look out for deer
The autumn months bring greater movement of deer, which frequently takes them into the roads. Hitting a deer won’t just injure or kill the innocent animal, but could do serious damage to you or your car as well. Keep the deer, and your insurance premiums, safe by paying extra attention for deer in the road.

5. Be extra careful of glare
As we’ve said, the weather is changeable in the autumn. If could rain all morning but then be bright and sunny by lunchtime. When that bright sunshine hits the wet roads it can create dangerous glare that seriously impairs your ability to drive safely. Slow down, use your sun visors, and don’t take any unnecessary risks.

Autumn may be your favorite season, and it may be one of the least extreme in terms of weather, but that doesn’t mean it brings no danger to motorists. Take care out there!

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