A Build A Bear Halloween

One of my all time favorite places to shop is Build A Bear Workshop  I'm really a kid at heart.  I love going in the store to pick out my new friend and finding all the accessories I want them to have. Not to mention, I can add scents and sounds. I could literally spend hours in the store and making and dressing my new friends. 

Have you spotted Wolverine online yet?  This is an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! The gruff and brooding Wolverine is ready to claw his way into your collection! This no-nonsense furry friend is ready to fight any opponent who crosses his path with his built-in costume and lethal soft claws. Plus, his epic Wolverine paw pad makes this bear a must-have for collectors. Start a legendary new friendship with Wolverine and add this unstoppable mutant to your collection today!

I was happy to get my Wolverine full dressed in Build A Bear fashion accessories.

I love the jeans and back and red plaid shirt!  Have you picked out your Halloween friend from Build A Bear yet?  Check out this super cute Candy Corn Unicorn all dressed up in her tutu ready for Halloween! 

Thanks to Build ABear for providing these tems for my Halloween Spooktacular.

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