DIsney's The Lion King Available Now!

Many of us have waited for this release of The Lion King for ages.  It is now here to buy on digital and blu-ray.  I am so excited to watch this movie with my now adult kids.  They enjoyed the classic initial release of The Lion King.  Grab your popcorn and snacks and kick back and enjoy a great family movie.

From the press release:

Be prepared: Disney’s “The Lion King,” the worldwide phenomenonthat brought the Pride Lands’ iconic characters to life in a whole new way, arrives on Digital in HD and 4K Ultra HD™ and Movies AnywhereOct.11andphysicallyon4K Ultra HD,Blu-ray™ and DVDOct. 22.Directed by Jon Favreau,the summer blockbuster, which reigned supreme with audiences worldwide—earningover$1billionat the global box office andanACinemaScore—journeys homewithall-newbonus features, music videosandanexclusiveextrafor Digital consumers.In-home audienceswill feelthe love as theytrekbehind the scenes and tothe African savanna through“The Journey to ‘The Lion King,’”a three-part documentarythatexploresthefilm’s creation.It featuresvisitsto thePlaya Vista production facilitywheretalent,includingDonald Glover(voice of Simba)honor and elevate theanimated classic’siconicmusic;discussions withFavreau and teamwhoused cutting-edge technology to create photorealistic animals and environments; andfilmmaker and castreflections onthe timeless tale that has moved generations.Extras also include “More to Be Scene,”layer-by-layer progressions of some of the film’s most iconic moments;lyricvideo for “Never Too Late” by Elton John and music video for “Spirit” by Beyoncé; sing-alongs tothefilm’s unforgettable songs; and a feature on the “Protect the Pride” campaign, which focuses on protecting and revitalizing the lion population.

The movie is great, the songs are perfect and so many memories come flooding back for me.  Truly a classic that any Disney movie lover will have and keep in their collection.

Buy your copy now!

I received a copy of The Lion King in exchange for this post.

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