Luxury Bath Linens Your Body Will Love

When I get out of the shower or bath, I want a nice, big, plush towel to wrap my body in.  It has to be huge and it has to be soft.  These bath linens from Macy's are just what I needed.

Created specially for Macy's, the Hotel Collection Ultimate Micro Cotton line offers a luxury bath linens experience that’s good for the earth, too. The collection from Micro Cotton is crafted using ecologically safe manufacturing practices that earned them MADE IN GREEN certification by OEKO-TEX®, have tested free of harmful substances and are safe even for baby’s delicate skin. They're made from ethically sourced raw materials and produced in safe and socially-responsible workplaces. In other words, they offer "green luxury" for every day.

I almost wanted to put these in my guest bathroom, but I had to keep them for myself. These feel like luxury on your body.  They are super absorbent and it feels like heaven when you are drying your body off with these lovely towel linens. And knowing that they are Eco friendly, just makes me want to buy more of them.  Luxury towels that GREEN certified,  YES, I will definitely be buying more of these for myself and for gifts.  I promise you or your gift recipient will love them. They come in so many colors and will add a touch of color to your bathroom decor.
Even after laundering several times, these luxury linens have not faded, the color stays beautiful.  There are no threads hanging, there is a little lint when they dry, but that is expected of any bath linen.  I will admit, I am a towel snob and only want the BEST for myself and my family so these are a perfect fit for me.
What qualities do you look for when you buy towels?  Thanks to
Macy's for provding me with these items to include in my Holiday Guide.

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