Road Trips in Virginia
If you’re in the D.C. area you might be sick of the sight of the city and the suburbs. We have some good news for you, in case you weren’t already aware. Just a stone’s throw from you are some of the most amazing easy day trips and road adventures to be had. Let us give you some neat ideas so that next weekend you and the family can jump in your car, hit the road and see the sights.
1. George Washington Memorial Parkway to George Washington’s Mount Vernon
Up for a scenic drive? This national parkway makes “taking the scenic route” the best option available. Whatever piques your interest, whether it be history, heritage sites like Arlington National Cemetery or the Iwo Jima Memorial, or something more activity based like a visit to George Washington’s Distillery and Gristmill. You’ll find it here.

2. Just 14 miles for the perfect small-town experience in Clifton, VA
If it’s the city you need to get away from, then Clifton is the perfect escape, with its quaint, small-town charm. Get out of the car and walk the Bull Run Occoquan Trail, or just stay in the town and check out the historical buildings. You can even sample great local wines (but never drink and drive).

3. For a longer drive, head to Richmond, VA
The state’s historic but cool capital city, Richmond, has a lot to offer the whole family. Drive for about 80 minutes south of I-95 and you’ll make it there to enjoy good food, great beer (don’t drive and drive), more history as well as fantastic family outdoor activities like kayaking in the James River. Make it an overnight by parking up and staying in one of the city’s many hotels. Stroll along the river banks, eat well, soak up the atmosphere and just enjoy.

4. For a natural experience, head west to find national parks
Load up the snacks and ready the car games for the kids because in just over three hours you’ll all be in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. To truly escape the city, one has to pursue nature at its more raw and exciting. This national forest boasts incredible views, stunning scenery and great days filled with fun in any season.

Don’t leave your car on the driveway, gas up, load up and head out! There’s a treasure trove of fun to be had right on your doorstep!

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