Your Kids would love to find the Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Safari and Spin and Spral Art Station under the tree!

These products were provided by Crayola for review.

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Safari is a fun toy that any kid would love to find waiting under the tree on Christmas morning.  It comes with 4 safari themed pets (monkey, elephant, giraffe and lion) and 6 washable markers to color them with.  You can customize them however you want, whether it be solid colors, stripes, polka dots or little drawings decorating their bodies.  You can use a single color, or all 6.  It's completely up to you!  Once you have your pets colored the way you want them, you can put them in the included kid powered, hand pump oasis tub and wash them clean with the included scrub brush.  Once they are clean, you can dry them off and start all over again!  There is also an included slide attachment for the oasis tub to add a little fun to your pets' bath time.  In addition to the four safari pets that come with this set, there are expansion packs that are sold separately, for a total of 12 adorable safari animals that you can collect and customize again and again.  And you know you want them all!  Scribble Scrubbie Safari is recommended for children age 3 and older.  It can be purchased from retailers nationwide, as well as the Crayola website for $19.99.

The Crayola Spin and Spiral Art Station is perfect for kids age 6 and older.  This 2 in 1 kid powered station lets you experience the smooth orderly design of the geometric spiral art, as well as the free splattered messiness of the spin art.  The station includes the Spiral Art Station unit, three spiral “gears” for tracing, six pipsqueak markers, three ink bottles and 15 paper discs.  To create spiral art, simply place one of the gears on the spiral art side of the unit, insert the tip of a marker into one of the holes in the gear and use it to move the gear around and around to create the pattern.  You can change colors if you would like to make a colorful design.  To use the spin art side, get it spinning a drip the ink onto the paper.  The ink will spread out into amazing designs as it spins.  You can even combine both sides on one piece of artwork.  You can purchase the Spin and Spiral Art Station from retailers nationwide, or from the Crayola website for $19.99.         

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