Two Must Haves for Any Kitchen

I love my Crock Pot!  I can make so much in it and it saves me so much time in the kitchen,  Plus, we all love the aromas of our food slow cooking.  I have the smaller Crock Pot and the larger oval one.  they are both a few years old but still work fine.  I wanted a newer model and was thankful to receive this Crock-Pot 7-Quart Easy to Clean Cook & Carry Slow Cooker.  It's a beauty. 

I love the locking lid.  I can pick it up and no worry about spills or the top falling off and breaking.  I can take it with me to family gatherings and just plug it up and the food stays warm.  And, this Crock Pot cleans so easily!  Check out the video HERE 

I absolutely cannot wait to start using my Food Saver.  I am tired of throwing away food that has been freezer burnt.  I buy in bulk, because it is cheaper.  I always break the family size packages of meat down into three or four family servings.  But, no matter what kind of freezer bags I use, there is always that frost on top or it does not last long in the freezer.

With a Food Saver, it seals the bags without any air.  The air is what causes the food to go bad so quickly. Not only will the Food Saver save me money on food, it will save room in the freezer or fridge.

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