The Benefits of a Modern SUV

Some people have been put off driving an SUV because they fear the vehicle’s size and driver’s relatively high sitting position will make it too difficult for them to handle. Other have feared extra cost and gas mileage difference as chief reasons to steer clear. These things may have been true in the past, but the modern SUV has evolved into something of a different animal altogether. Today we want to share the many advantages that the modern SUV offers the driver in 2020.
1. Increased agility
Thanks to improvements in steering, as well as numerous drive modes and the already-established all-wheel drive technology in many SUVs, driving these larger vehicles has never been easier, nor more enjoyable. The SUV has become an aerodynamic and athletic machine that rivals even the sleekest sports cars.

2. Utility and space
Whether its ample room in the back, which grows even further when you lay down the second row of seats, of the frequently seen under-floor storage, the SUV is hard to beat when it comes to cargo space. You can load up the entire family, the luggage and even the dog with enough room left for everyone to sit comfortably. This makes the SUV the perfect partner for those with busy family lives.

3. Comfort
Far from the rugged, function-over-fashion SUVs of yore, the modern SUV is plush, comfortable and loaded with gadgetry and wizardry of the modern age. You can get soft leather trim, huge touchscreen displays, multi-zone climate control, heated seats and steering wheel --- the comfort list goes on.

4. Strength and safety
Though the lines have been softened and athleticized, the typical modern SUV is still far stronger than the typical sedan or hatchback. Should you run into any trouble, the tough frame and advanced features will do more to keep you safe than just about anything else on the road today.

5. More choice than ever
Finally, the SUV market has never been richer. You can go for full-size SUVs, or compact ones, crossovers and other unique styles. They come in an array of colors, trims and powertrain specifications all designed to suit the individual family’s needs. It’s a veritable smorgasbord out there!

Shake off your old notions about what an SUV is. Technology is constantly improving, and automakers are applying it industriously to their popular SUV models, making them more accessible, even more durable and more desirable than ever before. Why not visit your local dealership and find out what other advantages an SUV could bring to your life.

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