Why Everyone Loves a Honda

Honda, the Japanese brand synonymous with quality, dependability and innovation. It’s no secret that Honda has enjoyed considerable success in the US and worldwide. As it turns out, drivers are more concerned with quality and standards rather than simply sticking with a local brand. So, what is the secret to Honda’s success? It seems there are several key factors that make Hondas a consumer favorite.
Factor 1 --- Reliability
Over the years, Honda has accrued many accolades to prove the strength of their track record. In 2019 their cars were awarded top-pick prizes by US News and World Report, Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds, the prestigious Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and others. Every year they accrue prizes owing to their commitment to building cars that last; that’ll never let you down and keep going even in the worst conditions.

Factor 2 --- Parts and Materials
Though Honda’s are not in luxury bracket, the company ethos spares no expense for durable, high-quality parts, from the dashboard materials to the seatbelt buckles; the engine valves to the taillights. Every part of the machine is considered and intricately produced --- mostly in the US, too. Honda invests in quality, and is rewarded by driver loyalty.

Factor 3 --- Tech features
Honda’s self-produced driver assistance and safety package is known as the Honda Sensing® Suite. It includes some of the most cutting-edge and impressive ADAS technology on the market today, including Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) which applies the brakes when it determines that an unavoidable collision is imminent. There’s also adaptive cruise control, road/lane departure features and camera-based traffic sign recognition. In short, the Honda is your ideal ally during any road journey. Better yet, these technologies are now more widely applied and available to Honda models everywhere.

Factor 4 --- Affordability
Despite everything --- the high-end parts, the technology, and the fact that this machine will run like new seemingly forever, the price tag attached to it will still surprise you. Honda remains among the more affordable brands, giving you luxury features without the luxury sticker price.

When you put these things together, it’s not hard to see why Honda is so popular. What’s more, they are, excepting for a few key parts, manufactured right here in the US. It’s an attractive thing when you can “buy American” buy also “buying Japanese.” Check out our homepage to learn how a new Honda or Honda lease will enhance your driving life.

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