Awesome Glow in the Dark outdoor Fun for the whole Family!

I received this product from Starlux Games for review.  They are bringing family outdoor fun back with a Glow in the Dark twist!  Children of all ages (yes, that includes adults!) will have a blast playing this game.  And it gets even better when the sun goes down thanks to the fact that it glows in the dark!

Capture the Flag Redux is recommended for 4-20 players age 8-65+!  The suggested retail price is $49.90 and the batteries are included!  It’s the new way to play Capture the Flag: with glow in the dark lights!  Award winning and active, all ages play together in this unique group game.

The outdoor game Capture the Flag began 70+ years ago where teams sneak into their opponents’ territory and try to steal their flag.  Now it’s been adapted for today’s generation – using glow in the dark lights!  The kit’s 25 reusable light up game pieces allow for up to 10 traditional Capture the Flag players.  It also includes 12 alternate ways to play, allowing for 4-20 players.

This game comes with 10 LED Glow Bracelets, 8 Jail Markers, 5 Territory Lights, 2 Orbs (to use as the "flag"), 12 Game Variations and (I know I already mentioned this, but it's worth mentioning again) BATTERIES ARE INCLUDED...AND REPLACEABLE!

Even though there is a specified age range to play this game, it really doesn't matter!  If you can run, you can play! The most common ages of players are 8-14 but as long as the player is able to understand the rules, and able to run, age doesn't matter.  Multiple ages can play together.  Parents and grandparents have been known to play with their children and grandchildren. It also works great for birthdays, family reunions, camps and icebreakers!  So get this game for yourself and your family.  You'll be glad you did because it will be a big hit with everyone!

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