Fun Games and Activities to Banish Boredom!

If you're looking for ways to banish boredom, look no further!  Check out these products that I was given by PlayMonster to review.  These products will provide hours of fun for your little ones and hours of peace for you!

Stacktopus ($17.99):  Slip on the silly sea fingers to become a stacking octopus...a Stacktopus!  Stacking these cups should be easy, but when you're wearing octopus arms on your fingers, it becomes silly, competitive fun!  Race to match your stack of cups to the card shown to win!  It's great fun for kids, buy also for families.  Wearing the silly sea fingers levels the playing field for kids and adults.  Kids have a blast trying to stack the cups while wearing the octopus tentacles on their fingers.  And they think it's even funnier to see their parents trying to do it!  This is a 2-3 player game and is recommended for ages 5 and up.  Each game comes with 9 Silly Sea Fingers, 18 Cups, 27 Cards and Rules. 

Face Paintoos Magical Pack ($11.99):  Face Paintoos are a face paint revolution - temporary play tattoos that make the magic of face painting a fun and easy activity for everyone!  It's easy to achieve perfect, long lasting results every time, without the need for a professional face painter.  Each fun design is easily removed using the included wipes.  They're great for parties, dressing up and role play.  Kids' face painting can be expensive, and unless you hire a professional, it can look really bad.  It's messy and is easily smudged, which is a big problem for kids who love to touch their faces!  But with Face Paintoos, face painting is fun, easy and long lasting!  And you don't need to hire a professional!  You just apply the design like you would a temporary tattoo.  Removal is equally easy when you use the included remover wipes.  Face Paintoos are available in several different design packs.  Each pack contains 5 Face Paintoos (in the Magical Pack that I received, the designs are Unicorn, Mermaid, Dolphin, Butterfly and Fairy), 10 Tattoo Remover Wipes and Instructions.  Face Paintoos are recommended for ages 4+ and are perfect for parties. 

Fuzzikins Fuzzi Babies ($5.99):  A fun craft that's also a toy!  Fuzzikins are 3D adorable, fuzzy animals.  They are covered in white flocking, and come with special washable markers that children use to design, color and decorate their new animal friends.  

Children love creating toys that look like their own pets or favorite animals, and using their imagination to make colorful and unique animals.  The creativity with Fuzzikins is endless because the color easily rinses off when the character is placed under running water.  Once it's dry, children can start a new creation.

Fuzzi Babies are available in your choice of Lamb, Monkey or Hamster.  Each Fuzzikin Baby Figure comes with a Fuzzikins Teddy Bear, Bed, 3 Washable Markers, Sticker Sheet and Instructions.  Recommended for ages 4+.

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