I am happy to partner with PLAYMOBIL to bring you this post.

Here is something totally new from PLAYMOBIL, with the digital-meets-real-world concept of the EverDreamerz, combining  story-based unboxing and collecting! The theme features five best friend characters as they experience adventure, face their fears, and have fun in different dream worlds. 


First up is the EverDreamerz Candy World theme!

Here’s the storyline: Friends Viola, Rosalee, Clare, Starleen, and Edwina  venture to Rosalee’s Candy World dreamscape. The evil Lady Nightmare tries to turn the girls’ dreams into nightmares, but the power of friendship unites them, and they go on to meet a cast of supporting characters along the way. (12 additional characters to collect, including the likes of Mrs. Milshake and Mr. Cookie Bear!)
Each beautifully designed box (see attached) comes with collectables cards, bracelets, beads, charms and accessories, as well as stickers to complete a free sticker booklet. 

Welcome to the magical world of EverDreamerz! Travel into exciting dream worlds with five best friends as they experience adventure, face their fears, and have lots of fun. Use the magical amulet to be transported into a dream world, unboxing fun surprises as you go! Open, discover, and collect! Check them out here!
Enjoy dessert with Rosalee, who has quite the sweet tooth. Thanks to her warm nature, she is always there for her friends and can be trusted to hold the group together. Open the magical amulet to reveal an exciting unboxing experience with seven fun surprises inside, including your very own bracelet and special candy charm! When the magical adventure is over, store all the pieces back inside the box, for easy storage. Collect all five EverDreamerz sets for even more fun! Set includes Rosalee, silicone charm bracelet, candy charm, beads, trading card, stickers and many other accessories.

Search for twelve magical characters from the candy world!  Each mystery box has five surprises inside.  Will you find the limited edition golden cupcake? Set includes surprise character, a character-specific cupcake charm, trading card, sticker and accessories.


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