More puzzles to exercise your brain!

Professor Puzzle provided me with these products for review.  With the schools being closed and people staying at home, keep your brain from being idle with these puzzles.

The Puzzling Obscurities will put your problem solving skills to the test with this exlectic mix of 10 pocket sized puzzles.  Get those synapses firing with this scorching set filled with over 60 challenges that are designed to spark your curiosity and your mind.  From the Rings of Fire to the Trapeze, each matchbox contains a different little brainteaser to solve.  Once you've mastered them all, see if you can use the wooden sticks to solve the 50 matchstick challenges listed on the cards.  It's the ultimate in brain bafflement!


Puzzle And Perplex is a set of 10 Ultimate Metal Puzzles.  It's just one piece from the Puzzle and Perplex range.  Can you take apart the pieces of each one of these puzzles and put them back together again?  Made of solid steel, this set of 10 puzzles is guaranteed to get you flexing your cognitive muscles.  Compete with friends and family as you test your brainpower trying to separate and reattach the parts of each puzzle.  

Ladder Toss is a fun outdoor game that the whole family will enjoy.  Go head to head with this quick and easy to assemble game as you throw the brightly colored bolas so that they wrap around the steps of the ladder.  The higher the step, the more points up for grabs.  The first player to score 21 points wins, so gather your friends and family and head on out for an afternoon of competitive fun!

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