A puzzle for all ages!

I was given these Smart Egg puzzles to review.

These egg shaped puzzles are perfect for Easter.  They are 3D labyrinth puzzles that vary in difficulty from easy to extreme.  The labyrinth is inside the egg shaped shell.  You need to maneuver the wand through the twists and turns starting from the top and working your way down and out through the bottom.  It's not as easy as it sounds though, because the labyrinth moves!  It isn't a straight path, you have to move the labyrinth around to find the correct path.  It's an addictive challenge that will captivate all ages.

Not only are these puzzles fun, they are beautiful as well!  Each one features a beautifully painted design that you will be proud to have on display.  The thing that I like most about these eggs is that everyone enjoys them, regardless of age!  And they get kids off of their phones and computers for some hands on activity.

You should start with one of the easier eggs so you can get the feel of how they work.  Then work your way up to the more difficult ones.  You need to learn how to listen and feel your way through the inner maze.  Once you learn how to work your way through one, then you can try timing yourself to see how fast you can get through it.  Perhaps race against a friend or family member to see who can do it the fastest! 

Each egg comes with a base for it to sit on.  It holds the wand as well.  But they won't stay on the base for long because you won't be able to stop playing with them!  

Of the eggs that I received, the Red Dragon is my favorite.  It is also the most difficult of the ones that I received.  It was quite challenging and took a few tries before I was able to work through it.  But the process of figuring it out is what makes it so fun!

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