Take Arts and Crafts to a whole new level!

I was provided these products by Flycathcer's smART Pixelator for review.  smART Pixelator, Flycatcher’s newest product, takes art and science one step further using innovative light technology to encourage STEAM learning and endless creativity.  It enables kids to pixelate any design using their smart device, Bluetooth connectivity and easy to follow lights.  They can engineer 2D and 3D projects with Pixel Beads, Pixel Pegs or Pixel Sequins.

Use smART technology to pixelate any design! The smART Pixelator combines art, technology and STEAM learning in new ways.  Right out of the box, kids have a choice of creating 50+ step by step projects using smART Pixel Beads.  Connect to the free app, then download any photo from your mobile device and the possibilities are endless.  Create ready to display 2D or 3D projects!  Have fun experimenting! Customize your masterpiece to make it uniquely yours!  Extension packs give you innovative ways to design with more beads, sequins or pegs.  smART Pixelator encourages creativity, small motor development and spatial awareness.  It’s the smART way to play.  The smART Pixelator includes the smART Pixelator device, an AC adapter, 1300 smART Pixel Beads, Ironing Paper, Bead Applicator, an SD card with 50+ step by step designs and an SD card holder.  The suggested retail price is $59.99.  You can purchase it online from Amazon, Walmart and Target.

The smART Pixelator Bracelet Maker is the ultimate bracelet making set for the smART Pixelator device.  Use smART Pixel Beads and light focused technology to create a unique bracelet with your smART Pixelator.  Extend the fun with the free smART Pixelator app. The 4mm smART Pixel Beads are good for use only with the smART Pixelator device.  This set includes 2000 beads (8 colors, 250 of each color), 1 reusable bracelet tray set, 2 kid safe needles and 60 feet of string. Recommended for ages 9+.  You can purchase the smART Pixelator Bracelet Maker from Amazon for $18.74.

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