Your kids will have a blast with these products!

I received these products from Monkey Business Sports for review.  

The Space Chips Medium Beginners Edition is a set of 126 multi colored pentagon, square and triangle shaped interlocking plastic discs. They have a suggested retail price of $29.99. They are designed to provide boys, girls and even adults with fun activities that stimulate the mind, and for developing a higher degree of sensory perception. Space Chips STEM engineering projects entertain and engage and they encourage kids of all ages to be creative and to think critically.

Collaborative experimentation with Space Chips fosters camaraderie, team building, friendship and trust. Space Chips gives anyone endless opportunities to safely plan, design, test, try, fail, recommit and ultimately succeed with unlimited projects according to their imagination and fortitude. A simple exercise that begins with connecting these discs into simple geometrical 3 dimensional objects always evolves into much more intricate, sophisticated and satisfying works of art for kids and adults alike.

The Medium Beginners set of 126 Space Chips can build fun Combo Drons such as the Elephant, Roundy the Turtle, and much more! What is a Dron? The term Dron is taken from the word hedron, the Greek word for face. A Space Chips Dron is built by either one shape of a Space Chip or a combination Dron consisting of pentagon, square and triangle chips. For example, a "12 Dron" is 12 pentagons that make a ball shape Dron, whereas the Elephant and Roundy the Turtle are Combo Dron configurations of pentagons, squares and triangle Space Chips connected together to form awesome toys. It’s easy to see just how creative one can become with so much versatility in their hands, making it the ultimate puzzle and brain exercise for any STEM and STEAM project.

This medium set includes 60 triangle, 30 square and 36 pentagon multi colored shaped durable interlocking plastic discs that connect and separate quickly and easily; allowing the student to first create simple patterns and then graduate into more advanced designs with time and practice and mastery.

The Slam Bam Minis are the Miniature High Bouncing Monsta Balls! Just like the full sized self righting, high bounce Slam Bam Monsta Balls, but now in a Mini size with new characters! They have a suggested retail price of $5.99 each, or get all 6 for $34.94.

Slam Bam Minis are even more portable for pocketable fun! They never fall over, they will always rock right back to an upright position! They have super soft high quality hair and a super bouncing ball base!

Slam Bam Minis was awarded the 2019 Seal of Excellence Award. Kids love them! They are so fun to play with. There are 6 new incredibly silly and wacky characters to collect! Their hilarious names are Triball, Sibyl, Boingo Boingo, Pickabooga, Yolka and Impester. Your kids will want to collect them all!

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