This Unicorn outfit is perfectly adorable for Easter!

I received this adorable outfit from Doodle Pants for review.  Have you ever met a little girl who didn't love unicorns?  I haven't!  This 3 piece Rainbow Unicorn outfit is the perfect thing to wear on Easter Sunday!  You really should check out their full selection on the Doodle Pants website because they have tons of adorable outfits for both boys and girls!  

Rainbow Unicorn Cotton Leggings ($25.99):  Comfort, fit and fashion...what more could we ask for?  You see far too many diaper bottomed tots squeezed into skinny jeans.  Have you ever tried putting skinny jeans on a toddler?  You’ll break a sweat getting them on and off.  And then the poor kid can’t even move!  Whatever happened to comfort for little ones?  You know, leggings stretchy enough for wriggling and—dare to imagine—fitting over cloth diapers?  Behold, Doodle Pants.  This original one of a kind brand of cozy and soft reinforced leggings are designed to make your little one (and you) happy!  Perfect for slipping over even the bulkiest diapers, with room to scrunch or stretch in the legs as your kiddo grows.  No need to shop for a brand new wardrobe every time they size up!  These leggings will last you a few seasons.  Don’t forget, your purchase also helps children in need!  These leggings are 75% Cotton, 22% Nylon and 3% Spandex.  These leggings are available in sizes small (3-12 months), medium (12-18 months) and large (18-24 months).

Rainbow Unicorn Shirt ($25.99):  A perfect match for the Rainbow Unicorn leggings!  When this brand started out, you could say they were on a singular mission -- designing the perfect leggings to fit over bulky little baby bottoms.  But people kept asking, “Have you got a shirt to match?”  So, here you go!  And by the way, they made sure there was no scratchy tag on the inside!  No one likes those.  Not even grown ups.  Cute for your little one, or a great gift idea!  Any little girl will look adorable in this!  Made from breathable 100% cotton that is gentle against delicate skin.  This shirt is available in sizes 18 months, 2T and 3T.

Rainbow Unicorn 3D Hoodie ($39.99):  This hoodie completes the outfit and brings the level of cuteness to a whole new level!  Doodle Pants hoodies have fun, unique and whimsical designs for both casual everyday wear and imaginative play!  Now kids can dress up any time of day!  Love turning heads in the grocery store or at school?  This is a major eye grabber that’ll have other adults and children fawning!  Tons of fun for both the wearer and friends.  All of the Doodle Pants hoodies have matching bottoms (and many have matching tops as well!).  Made with 100% cotton for the utmost comfort.  This hoodie is available in sizes 18 months, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T, 6T, 7T and 8T.

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