Time for an Easter Game Night!

I was given these games from What Do You Meme? for review.

What Do You Meme? Family Edition ($19.99):  The hilarious game that you know and love now has all of the R rated content removed for family friendly fun!  Now you can compete with your friends and family, even the younger ones (recommended for ages 8+), to create the funniest memes.  Do this by using one of your dealt caption cards to caption the photo card in each round.  The winner of each round is decided by a rotating judge, so it's a good idea to try to pick your caption card to match the current judge's sense of humor.  If you don't want to know which player used which caption card was played by which player, make sure the judge shuffles the cards before reading them.  Each What Do You Meme? Family Edition game contains 300 caption cards and 65 photo cards. 

Can You Roll Doubles ($19.99):  This is a fast paced and fun, family friendly game.  It was designed for ages 12+ and the content is completely customizable so it's perfect to play with the whole family.  This is the rapid fire, high pressure game where players compete to fill out as many words as possible on the category sheet before their opponents can roll doubles and steal the board!  To start the game, spin the spinner to choose a letter for each board.  Players must use this letter to fill in the category sheet, which rotates through the group during high pressure game play.  One player in the group begins each round by trying to create as many answers as possible on the category sheet that begins with the letter chosen for that round.  While they do this, the person to their left attempts to roll doubles with two dice.  Once doubles are rolled, that player can steal the category sheet and begins trying to create as many words as possible as the player on their left tries to roll doubles...and so on.  Each player uses a different color pen so it can be easily determined who added which word.  The round continues until the category sheet has been completely filled in.  The winner is the player who added the most words to the sheet during that round.  Each Can You Roll Doubles game comes with 2 game boards, 6 category sheets, 100 write in sheets, 4 dice, 8 multicolored pens, 1 score sheet and instructions.

Party Bowl ($16.99):  This is a perfect game for a family game night, game night with friends and gatherings of all kinds.  It was designed for ages 12+ to be as risque (or not) as you like.  The game is played in 3 rounds, with 2 teams and 1 Party Bowl.  You use prompt cards to come up with a bunch of words or phrases to throw in the Party Bowl.  Two teams then compets to out guess each other in three increasingly high pressure rounds of fun.  In round 1, players draw a piece of paper and describe the word on it (without actually saying it) while their teammates try to guess what it is.  Then all of the words get thrown back in the bowl and teams compets in the second, more challenging round where the same words are drawn.  But this time players may only use one word to describe each word to their team.  In the final round, there's no speaking.  It's charades only.  Each Party Bowl game includes 1 custom Party Bowl, 90 Prompt Cards, 200 write in sheets, 1 super high tech 60 second sand timer and 6 pencils.

4-Bidden Words ($24.97):  is a game for adults (ages 17+) only.  It is NOT intended for children.  To play, set the timer and test your guessing skills as you compete to out guess the other team while your teammates shout clues to help you guess the Buzz Words.  Just don't say any of the four "4-Bidden" words on the card or you'll lose points!  Each 4-Bidden Words game contains 600 Buzz Words, 2400 4-Bidden Words, 8 penalty chips and a super high tech sand timer.

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