Not your ordinary puzzle

If you're getting bored at home, but are not quite ready to end your isolation, a 3D puzzle will keep you and your family occupied and having fun for a while.  I received this 3D London Bus Puzzle from Ravensburger and it's so much fun putting it together!  This puzzle is recommended for ages 10+ and has a suggested retail price of $29.99. 

This isn't your ordinary puzzle.  When completed, it will form a 3D bus, not a flat picture of one.  The completed bus can be used as a desk accessory for holding pencils, scissors, etc. because it has openings in the top.  And there's no mess to worry about when constructing it because it's a glue is needed!

It comes with 260 high quality plastic puzzle pieces, 4 rotating wheels and instructions.  The puzzle pieces are shaped to fit together perfectly to create a realistic model of the iconic double decker bus in London.  Each puzzle piece is printed with a number on the back side, so you can choose whether you want to assemble the bus the old fashioned way (by eye) or just by following the numbers.  Personally, I wouldn't dream of following the numbers, because I think the fun of doing a puzzle is figuring our where each piece fits.  But that's just my own preference!

The wheels actually turn, which makes this not just a puzzle, but also a model vehicle.  Assembling this puzzle requires some hand-eye coordination, strategic planning, focus and lots of patience!  But you will love the end result.  You'll be proud of the highly detailed London bus that you built yourself!  And kids think it's amazing to start out with a puzzle and end up with a model vehicle that actually rolls!  It's fun for the whole family!

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