Stream live content like a PRO

I just received a really cool new product from VocoPro to try out and review.  VocoPro is a California based professional audio company.  Their name has been synonymous with professional karaoke systems for over two decades, and they still hold the number one spot for high end professional karaoke products.  They have top notch customer service and the carry all of the fun professional gadgets from P.A. systems to multi-format hard drive player to multi-channel wireless microphone systems.  They are truly the leader in professional vocal systems for singers, performers and artists all around the world!

The cool new product that I just received is the VocoPro Streamer LIVE.  For just $179, you get a powerful content creator package that includes everything you need to capture lasting performances, vlogs and podcasts at home or on the road.  Through the STREAMER USB audio interface, you can plug in your PC or smart phone with the included condenser mic, or your own instruments, to broadcast your content to the world.  Other features include Bluetooth wireless input to stream accompaniment tracks, 16 sound effects, and both chat and singing mode with pitch correction, pitch bend, reverb effects and vocal eliminator for accompaniment music.

This streamer has it all!  It's one of the most flexible and affordable audio interface packages on the markey for content creators.  It has clean mic preamps with a 48V phantom powered input and a non-powered input for dynamic mic or instrument.  It has independent mic, reverb, FX, accompaniment and monitor level controls and a rechargeable audio interface via USB input to eliminate the need for additional power supply (400Ah).  It even comes with a boom stand and an LED ring light!  

The VocoPro STREAMER-LIVE is a great product!  It's affordable, it looks really cool and it has everything you need to stream live content like a pro!  Check it out!

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