Your children can learn to play music by playing a video game

Has your child expressed interest in learning to play the piano, only to struggle with actually learning it once they begin lessons?  Lessons can be expensive, and it's just not worth it if they do not effectively teach your child.  Every child has their own learning style.  They get bored quickly and it's hard to find standard lessons that will stick with them.  But what does practically every kid like to do?  Play video games!  Well, now there's an awesome solution:  Kings & Kingdoms.  This is a game that kids will love to play, and while they are playing, they'll be learning to play music without even realizing it!  They have a 30 day free trial if you want to try it out.  You can use a regular keyboard if you want, but it's so much cooler if you purchase the X-Key controller because it's like a piano.  I was recently given the opportunity to try out the game, and was provided with an X-Key controller.  My kids LOVE it!  And they are learning as they play!

Keys & Kingdoms is the world's first role playing game that teaches real musical skills in a completely new way.  It doesn't matter if a child has had any previous music lessons or not, once they start playing this game, they will be creating music within minutes!  The game incorporates a revolutionary teaching method called the Sight Reduction Method, or SRM.  It slowly removes all visual cues/aids as sources of musical information and trains kids to play anything by ear, instantly.


With the absence of sight cues, kids won't suffer through the frustrations of trying to read music.  Instead, they'll learn to recognize musical notes by ear and then play them back on a real instrument.  It promotes creativity and lets them play music in their own style.  You can access Keys & Kingdoms from your desktop, laptop or IOS mobile device, so you can play any time, no matter where you are! 

Get started by downloading the game, connect a keyboard (use your existing keyboard or boost the learning experience with the X-Key controller available at checkout) and then just enjoy the game as your child masters music.  Parents receive weekly emails with a report on the child's progress through the game as they learn valuable music skills and enjoy hours of fun.  You can see how your child becomes less dependent on sight reading over time.  You can also see the hours your child has logged in for training that helps them recognize and play music by ear.  And you can gain insight into the time your child spends creatively playing their own unique music.    

Your kids will have so much fun playing this game because it sends them on an epic journey across five different islands, battling villains, opening chests and saving Harmonia.  And while they are doing that, they are learning and practicing piano playing.  Imagine the joy and the sense of pride they will feel (and you will feel as well) when they sit down at a real piano and begin playing a song that they learned in the game!

So go ahead and let your kids play a video game.  But let that video game be Kings & Kingdoms because they will also learn to play the piano.  It's for kids age 6+ and there is no prior piano experience necessary.  It's a fun and engaging game that will keep your children entertained for hours at a time while they unknowingly practice their piano lessons.  And it's a fraction of the cost of traditional music lessons, plus it double as entertainment as well!  It's a win/win for everyone!


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