Dryel Helps Me Save Time and Gives Me Freedom

 This is a sponsored post on behalf of Dryel.

This past year has proven to me that we can get work done in our pajamas!  If you have sat at a Zoom meeting with pajama bottoms on and a dressy top, you are my people!  You now have the freedom NOT to have to wear office attire all day long.  Just pop on that Zoom for an hour and you are good to go for the day!

I like to be able to work in my loungewear, don't you?  And when I am ready to put on that dressy top and MAYBE add a blazer, I know that it will be fresh and clean because I keep my Dryel kit with all my laundry products.  I don't have time to actually go to the dry cleaners to take and pick up dry cleaning.  Why should I, I have Dryel at home.

Now that I am working from home, I have the freedom to wear what I want.  I can dress to the nines or I can put on my favorite sweatpants.  The choice is mine.  I like having the freedom to wear what I want when I want.  This has been very liberating to me.

I have rotated about ten pieces of my business attire for the past six months.  Having Dryel at home has saved me so much time. Once a month, I just launder them according to the instructions and I am good to go.  I was constantly having to either do laundry or take my clothing to the dry cleaners.  Now, I know I don't have to do that any longer.  I have time to do the things that I want to do.

I love to garden and living in a warmer climate affords me the opportunity to do it year-round.  Having the time and the freedom to do so has become so very important to me.  I can easily change from work clothes to my gardening clothes.

Dryel has helped me save time and given me the freedom to wear what I want when I want to.


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