Vont Camping Lanterns Light Up Your Night

 Thanks to Vont for providing us with this four-pack of camping lanterns.  This post contains affiliate links.

We just took outdoor lighting to a different level with these Vont Camping Lanterns.  The batteries are included for each of the four lanterns and are easy to install.  How you turn them on is very unique!  It is COLLAPSIBLE, so you just pull up to illuminate and push down to collapse for easy storage.

And, let me tell you, these lanterns give off a bright light.   I am using them in my patio are outside and we are well lit.  I was having trouble finding a suitable lighting solution.  String lights were okay, but these camping lanterns from Vont are so much easier.

They are weather-resistant and waterproof.  Made from the same material as an aircraft, they are definitely durable.  Each lantern illuminates 360 degrees, so your entire area is lit up very brightly!  

They easily fold up and can be put in your backpack or your emergency kit. Living near the Georgia coast, we are susceptible to hurricanes and tropical storms. That means we experience a lot of power outages.  These lanterns are going to come in handy should we ever lose power!  I am so thankful for that.

I urge anyone who lives near any coast to go ahead and buy these lanterns now and put them in your emergency kit. This will be a great source of light should you lose power.

No matter whether you are camping in Yosemite or your backyard, these Vont Camping lanterns will illuminate your area.   



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