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With warmer weather comes the many things we need to do in the springtime.  Get gardens ready, remodeling, lawn care, and the list goes on.  I think we all need to take a moment to slow things down a moment.  We are so busy doing life, sometimes we forget to live it.  

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We all need to take the time to stop and do the small things and enjoy life.  I live in the South and I have so enjoyed all the beautiful flowers blooming, butterflies fluttering and birds chirping.  Just sitting outside and enjoying nature and all the beauty that surrounds me has brought me such great joy.

 I take Superior Source Vitamins because they are so tiny and dissolve instantly under my tongue.  It is so much easier to get that out the way so I can enjoy the things I love so much!

Thanks to Superior Source for hosting this giveaway.  One lucky reader will receive SSV package that contains the following

  • Zinc Plus                             
  • Just Women’s Iron.              
  • Quick Energy Burst B12         
  • Extra Strength Melatonin       
  • Extra Strength D3        
  • Biotin

Please note that if an entrant has won another SSV giveaway within the last year(2021), they are not eligible for the giveaway prize.

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