Summer Beverages for Every Age to Keep You Healthy & Hydrated


The refreshing recipe was created with ingredients clinically proven to help healthy skin thrive.

With adaptogen and functional drinks being named one of the top 10 trends for Summer 2022, reach for something that not only tastes delicious but also improves your skin’s beauty from the inside-out. RĀ.D8 is the collagen-infused sparkling tea that contains sustainably sourced ingredients clinically proven to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

While you sip RĀ.D8 sparkling tea, its synergistic and sustainable ingredients are hard at work preventing and reducing wrinkles, protecting against sun damage and enriching your skin with a youthful glow. Here’s how:Collactive: Imbibing 2 grams of collactive, a combination of marine collagen and elastin, has been clinically proven to reduce deep wrinkles and increase the skin’s hydration and overall health. RĀ.D8’s marine collagen is wild caught, traceable and sustainably sourced.
Lumenato: RĀ.D8 is the first to bring this vegan collagen booster to market in a delicious beverage. A Phytoene and Phytofluene nutrient complex, a daily dose of 100 mg is clinically proven to help reduce the loss of collagen, decrease the effects of environmental damage, improve skin texture, and reduce inflammation.
Sea buckhorn: This underutilized extract provides omega 3, 6,7 and 9 to the skin to increase hydration and elasticity to help achieve that youthful appearance.
Vitamin C: Each can of RĀ.D8 contains 100% of the daily value for Vitamin C, a vital ingredient across skincare for its ability to build collagen, slow skin from aging and improve wrinkles, reduce dark spots, and prevent against sun damage and acne.

RĀ.D8 Collagen Infused Sparkling Teas are available in four elevated flavors: Lemonade Thyme, Green Apple Ginger, Cool Pineapple and Blueberry Vanilla. They’re wonderful on their own, over ice on a hot day, as a replacement to alcoholic beverages or as an elegant mixer. Operated under Vancouver-based company GnuSanté, RĀ.D8 was created by the beverage category disruptor Ron Kendrick and professional scuba diver and former model Autumn Kendrick, who is committed to helping people reach their fullest potential, enjoy the outdoors, live brightly and have access to transparent beverage products that promote healthy lifestyles.

“Outside of work, there’s nothing more important to me than getting outside and enjoying this beautiful planet. As a proponent of environmental policy and action, I feel that everyone in society deserves products crafted by companies who make the best choices they can to take care of the planet and people on it. RĀ.D8 is a drink committed to making those who drink it feel beautiful from the inside-out and I hope it inspires everyone to feel like their best selves,” Kendrick said.

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Move over chai: Thaiwala concentrate makes the iconic Thai iced tea simple to enjoy

This heavenly milk tea from a bee farm in Thailand is something to obsess about. 

What happens when the founder of a top-selling chai tea concentrate discovers a tea farm flourishing with honeybee swarms in northern Thailand?

Some call it magic, some call it Thaiwala.

For those not familiar with the delicious beverage, Thai tea is a sweet, slightly fragrant tea drink significant in Thailand’s pop culture. While Thai tea, enjoyed cold or hot, is typically a laborious task mastered in traditional Thai homes, restaurants and among boba cafes in the U.S., Thaiwala is the first ever brand to make an authentic Thai tea concentrate.

By bottling a recipe that, when mixed with milk, creates the same luscious, creamy, earthy tea drink, Thaiwala makes this exceptional treat easy to enjoy beyond its native roots.

“Thai iced Tea has become the third most sold beverage at our espresso bars on the UC San Diego campus,” Doug Martin, UCSC Director of Food & Beverage.

Aside from Thai tea’s Instagrammable neon tone, it’s simple to see why people fall in love. Thaiwala gets its irresistible flavor from farm direct, bee-endorsed tea organic caramel, cane, vanilla, fresh-cut Thai pandan leaf and pure cocoa, beta-carotene (as it’s the carrots that give Thai tea its natural iconic orange color). Each carton has eight plentiful servings for your crew and there’s no pesticides or herbicides in any part of the farmer’s production process.

How does one enjoy Thaiwala? Easy.

Cold as ice: Fill a 12-ounce glass with ice cubes, add 5 ounces Thaiwala Thai tea concentrate and 5 ounces of half-and-half, whole milk or creamy plant-based alternative, adjust to your preference and add more concentrate for a sweeter tea and stir!

And did we mention, June is National Iced-Tea Month…perfect excuse…like you need one!

Some like it hot: Combine equal parts Thaiwala and whole milk or creamy plant-based alternative, heat on stovetop or microwave and pour into your favorite mug.

As if this luscious fan favorite wasn’t delicious enough to savor as a drink, Thaiwala also serves as the ideal flavor addition to a wide range of recipes (all of which can be found on, from Thai Tea Chicken to ice creams, fragrant muffins, sweet blondies and more.

Thaiwala is available online at Amazon, in retail locations, grocers and cafes nationwide as well as in Albertson Safeway, Whole Foods Markets, Ahold Delhaize Banners and as soon as summer 2022. To find it a store near you, visit the location finder. To learn more about Thaiwala, visit their website or on Instagram.


We all know there are dozens of bottled water companies to choose from and on a hot day, most people will grab the first one in front of them…but if you had a choice…wouldn’t you want a water that does more for the planet…and speaks to you on a personal level?

Gen Z sells beautifully designed reusable aluminum bottles speaking to a generation all about saving the planet….and the best part…it comes with FREE flavorless, transparent liquid!

At GEN Z, we believe happiness is a human right – and being able to drink water sustainably is a big part of everyone’s well-being. That’s why GEN Z is committed to ditching the wasteful, harmful plastic and using reusable, infinitely recyclable aluminum bottles instead. And we get it, one measly (albeit wonderful and good-humored) water company can’t solve all the plastic problems of the world – so the company is keeping its mission simple and realistic: to be the better option for all the folks out there who, together, can. The folks behind GEN Z (including a team of Zoomers themselves) believe that flavorless, transparent liquid should be packaged in sustainable aluminum bottles that can be resealed, refilled, and recycled – keeping water plain and simple for generations to come.

While we could easily fill up a few pages on the pitfalls of plastic, we’ll save you the time and energy. It’s becoming common knowledge how harmful plastic can be for Mother Earth, her landfills, and the critters (the critters GEN Z loves so much, it devoted the bottle designs to them)!

Recent studies show only 5% of plastic actually gets recycled. But GEN Z isn’t about sad facts. It’s about happy ones (remember, the whole happiness thing) and luckily, there’s already a super simple option available to eliminate bottling water in single use plastic, switching to aluminum; To name a few of the advantages:Well, aluminum is the third most ABUNDANT element on earth, which is kind of amazing right?
It is infinitely recyclable without any loss of quality to the material.
75% of aluminum ever produced is still in use today.
It’s typically recycled and back on the shelf in as few as 60 days.

So, what do you get with GEN Z? It’s straightforward, really…You get the flavorless transparent liquid your body needs to survive.
You get an aluminum vessel, from body to cap, that you can refill but not feel terrible about leaving behind somewhere (it’ll make it to a recycling bin and back to the shelves for many, many lives to come).
Oh, and you’ll get a good laugh – because what’s a water break with some quirky critters to stare at and ironic quips to read right off your bottle?!

The Zoomers who are already obsessed with GEN Z – the water, not themselves – know water is just water. Perhaps they like the weird jokes, the colors and critters or the sustainable aluminum construction. Whatever the case, we like to think GEN Z has a little something for everyone.


Getting outside is great, but staying hydrated is important…so why not do it with a water that does better for you and the planet…

Splendor Water was launched by two Greensboro families, Sara Couch and her father, local NC business person/philanthropist David Couch, as
well as Collins Pugh and her father, Breck Speed, former CEO of Mountain Valley Spring Company.

Splendor Water is a unique brand of mineral water that is sourced at the foothills of the Andes in La Maná, Ecuador. It is currently only sold (retail) at the Couch family's Summerfield Farms in Greensboro and nationally online.

Splendor Water is the only water with naturally present colloidal gold and silver. It is perfectly balanced with natural electrolytes to optimize hydration, naturally pure with nothing added, removed, or altered.

SPLENDOR water ranks among the top 10 waters in the world for lowest Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), considered the gold standard measurement of a water's purity. High TDS waters often have a strong “taste,” while low TDS ensures a smoother finish, making SPLENDOR the perfect water to pair with any food. More about wellness and benefits here.

Splendor Water is also Smart Planet Certified and is the first company in Latin America to ensure that their bottles are sourced from 100% recycled plastic (rPET), and are committed to reusing their own materials. All of the US bottles will be recycled plastic this year, as well!

They are also committed to giving back 1% of their gross sales to organizations that are bettering our environment and supporting the people of Ecuador. Additional information on their pledge to sustainability can be found here.

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On-the-go nutrition…so good they won’t know it’s good for them!


AGES 2-7

Kids love how tasty it is! Parents love how convenient & packed with the nutrition it is!

Gnubees is a nutritional snack that is convenient & environmentally friendly, that makes good-for-you…well… taste good! Fuel your active family with a nutritious beverage.
Made with real fruit juice in a variety of family-approved flavors.
6 grams of Protein
3 grams of fiber, calcium, and magnesium


gnubees PLUS more!

We aged up gnubees for a fresh twist that satisfies our cravings and be that nutritious snack shake we are looking for.

  • New fun flavors inspired by our favorites like: tropical punch, strawberry milkshakes and lemon-lime cheesecake
  •  250ml functional fruit shake
  • 8 grams of grass fed whey protein
  • 4 grams of soluble fiber
  • 30% of daily recommended Vitamin C & D
  • and now lactose free :)

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  1. lemonade is my favorite summer beverage

  2. Anonymous8:27 PM

    My favorite thing from this post is GEN Z. My favorite summer drink is ice water with lemon. Sherry S.

  3. I was born and raised in Texas, so sweet tea is my favorite summer beverage. And by sweet, I mean that I don't like tea with sugar in it, I like sugar with tea in it.

  4. Splendor water is my favorite.

  5. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Splender water is my fave for sure.

  6. I would most like to try the Splendor water.

  7. Donna Teller11:31 PM

    The Blueberry Vanilla Collagen Infused Sparkling Tea sounds really good!

  8. I would like to try the gnubees.

  9. The Green Apple Ginger RĀ.D8 collagen infused iced tea sounds really good! I have heard so many good things about collagen.

  10. The Splendor water would be great!

  11. Cassandra D11:21 PM

    I would say lemon lime cheesecake.

  12. Anonymous11:44 PM

    My favorite is the RĀ.D8 collagen-infused sparkling teas.


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