3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Are you looking for better curb appeal for you home?  The things we look at are the landscaping, the roof and the front door.  If you are selling your home , you want it to look its best without spending a lot of money.  Landscaping costs so much and putting a new roof on can be so costly.  Buying a new door is just as expensive, so consider buying new door handle sets from  This is a low cost but effective way to boost your curb appeal without spending alot of money.  Hanving new door handles on your door can make that door look brand new. There are so many possibilities with new door handle sets, from colors to finsihes, you are sure to find one that will appease the homeowner in you and atract buyers.

As far as landscaping goes, you can make sure your yard is mowed and shrubs trimmed.  Perhaps buy a few inexpensive but colorful flowers or plants for a pop of color.  It's gets your home noticed and does not break the bank. And, this is something you normally do anyways.

I have had several realtors tell me that power washing the exterior of your home is a must if you want to sell it.  Power washers are sold for a relatively low amount, so all you have to do is the labor.  Most of the time this can be done in a couple of hours on your day off.

What are some things you have done to boost your home's curb appeal?