Use Coupons and Freebies to Superchage your Budget

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In today's fast-paced world, finding effective ways to save money is more important than ever. While there are countless strategies and tips available, one often overlooked yet highly powerful tool for saving money is the humble coupon. Coupons have been around for decades, but their potential to slash expenses and boost your budget is still significant. In this blog post, we'll explore the art of couponing and how it can help you maximize your savings.

Understanding the Power of Coupons: Coupons are essentially discounts or special offers provided by retailers or manufacturers to entice customers to buy their products or services. They come in various forms, including physical cut-out coupons, digital codes, printable coupons, and cashback offers. By leveraging these coupons strategically, you can significantly reduce your expenses and keep more money in your pocket.

Start with a Game Plan: Before diving into couponing, it's important to set clear objectives and establish a plan. Determine which areas of your budget you want to target—groceries, household items, clothing, or dining out. Research online for relevant coupons, check your local newspapers, and explore couponing websites and mobile apps to find the best deals available.

Organize Your Coupons: To make the most of your couponing efforts, organization is key. Create a system that works for you, such as using a coupon binder or a simple envelope system. Sort coupons by category or expiration date so you can easily locate and use them when needed. Regularly review and purge expired coupons to keep your collection up to date.

Stack and Combine Coupons: One of the most effective ways to save money is by combining multiple coupons. Look for opportunities to stack manufacturer coupons with store coupons or promotions. Some retailers even allow you to use digital coupons alongside paper coupons, enabling you to maximize your savings. By leveraging these combinations, you can often get products for significantly less than the original price.

Timing is Everything: Timing plays a crucial role in couponing. Keep an eye on sales cycles and plan your coupon usage accordingly. Many coupons are issued to align with seasonal promotions or new product launches. By waiting for the right moment to use your coupons, you can achieve even greater savings. Additionally, consider using your coupons during double or triple coupon events to magnify your discounts.

Embrace Online Couponing: With the digital age in full swing, online couponing has become increasingly popular and convenient. Explore reputable coupon websites, subscribe to mailing lists, and follow your favorite brands and retailers on social media platforms. This way, you can gain access to exclusive online coupon codes and limited-time promotions, further expanding your savings potential.

Stay Educated and Persistent: Couponing requires ongoing learning and perseverance. Stay informed about the latest coupon policies of stores you frequent, as they may change over time. Follow couponing blogs or join online communities where experienced couponers share tips, tricks, and the latest deals. Remember, successful couponing is a skill that can be mastered with practice and patience.

Free Birthday Stuff:  Restaurants and stores often offer birthday freebies when you sign up for their emails.  I got everything from a free dozen donuts to a $10 shopping coupon!  Join the rewards program at the places you shop!

Get Freebies in Mail:  Make sure to sign up for those free samples to be mailed to you!  They often come with a high-value coupon for even more savings!

Coupons are not just pieces of paper or digital codes; they hold 
power to unlock significant savings and enhance your financial well-being. By embracing couponing as a strategic approach to your spending, you can stretch your budget further, reduce expenses, and achieve your financial goals. Start harnessing the power of coupons today and watch your savings grow while still enjoying the products
and experiences you love.


How I save money (and you can, too!)

 Saving money is my jam.  But, these past few years have been difficult to keep saving because of the skyrocketing prices of everything! I will give you the money-saving tips I have used to help me save money.  


We all know the price of groceries has reached an all-time high. I use digital and print coupons to save money at grocery and drug stores.  Download the apps for the stores you shop at and utilize them.  Follow your favorite couponing site to match sales with coupons.

Use third-party apps like Ibotta or Fetch that will give you money back for buying certain products.  I used one of these apps last year and it paid me to buy my entire Thanksgiving dinner.

Fueling your vehicle

Almost every store I buy fuel at has an app.  It went from $30 to fill up my car to $50 or $60. Using the store's app I can save based on my purchases at that store, just by having the app and my debit or credit card linked. 


While housing costs have soared we have watched the interest rate for mortgages drop to all-time lows.  Get locked in at these low rates for financing or refinancing.


My electric bill doubled from one month to another this summer.  I attributed this to running the air conditioner more, so I cut the thermostat down aSavingnd used fans.  I was using drying racks and outdoor clotheslines to dry my clothes and keeping the dryer OFF! Then I discovered my hot water heater was full of sediment causing it to work harder.  I replaced that water heater with a more energy-efficient one.

Turn off the lights when you leave a room and unplug all electronics at night and when not in use. During the day, I open my curtains to let the sunlight in to light up my home.


There are many ways you can save on travel.  Almost every hotel chain has a rewards program.  Utilize that to get discount prices on hotels.  I recently got a hotel-branded credit card that gave me enough points for a 5 night's stay.  Also booking during the week versus the weekend can save you hundreds of dollars. Many offer bonus points when you also book a rental car and air travel at the same time.

Instead of going on your yearly trip to a tropical destination, try a staycation or a mini vacation to your nearest beach or lake.

Piggy Bank

When I get home each day, I dump all my change in my piggy bank!  I will even throw in $1 or $5. I promise you will not miss it.  I took my piggy bank to my bank and I had over $300 and I had saved that for about a year!

Check out to see how saving money can work for you.


Greek Gods Yogurt #GreekGodsAtGiant

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If you love Greek God's Yogurt, then you need to hurry and print this coupon for $1 off Greek God's Yogurt 24 ounce or 32 ounce container. 

Greek God's Yogurt comes in so many yummy flavors.  Be sure and print the coupon below and redeem at your local Giant store.

If you live in the DC, MD, or PA areas, check your Valpak for an additional coupon for $1 off redeemable at your local Giant store.

Make sure to grab these money saving coupons for Greek God's Yogurt NOW!


Barron Advisors Can Help With Debt Consolidation

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Do you have a need to consolidate your debt? Many times we find  we have overextended ourselves when it comes to debt.  Or, perhaps some life event happened to cause you not to be able to pay your debt and you need to repair before your credit is ruined.  

Getting a debt consolidation loan may be exactly what you need.   You add up the debt you want to consolidate and apply for a loan in that amount.  For instance, if you owe $4000 on a car loan, have $2500 in credit card debt and owe $1500 on a personal loan, you can apply for a debt consolidation loan for $8000.   Your lender will then distribute the funds to pay off those debts and you will make ONE monthly payment to that lender.

Barron Advisors Can Help

When you are looking for financial advice, you need someone you can trust.  After all, it is your money, your credit, your finances, and your credit worthiness at risk.  Make sure you have the right people on your side. Barron Advisors can help you with this process.

Bankruptcy will affect your credit in a negative way

Bankruptcy, that ugly word.  If you file for bankruptcy, it still costs you money.  You can get a debt consolidation loan and save your credit now AND in the future.  If you file bankruptcy, you will have trouble getting any type of loan for 7-10 years or longer. If you don't have enough money to make your monthly payments, that is why there are debt consolidation loans available.  Your monthly payments will be lower than you making each individual payment alone. Your creditors would much rather keep you as a customer!
Debt consolidation to the rescue

There are many laws for consumers that protect them.   You do not want wage garnishments or your car repossess.  That is why you need to speak with an expert and apply for a debt consolidation loan.   It can rescue you from the hassle and headaches you face when your payments become late or you simply cannot make them at all.  There is help out there.

Many consumers from every state have struggles with their finances.  You cannot just walk away from your financial obligations.  There are repercussions to that.  If you are tired of your creditors hounding you via phone, mail, and email then apply for a debt consolidation loan.  The process is quite easy and you will be glad you did.  You can keep your prized possessions.  You do not want to lose your car after you have made 3-4 years worth of payments!   Getting that debt consolidation loan will give you peace of mind that the "Repo Man" is not coming to your house or your wages are not going to be garnished.

Whether you are in over your head or perhaps you want a lower monthly payment because of changes in your financial future, a debt consolidation loan is a helpful way to secure your future.  You will be happy that you did.

The Simple Guide to Loans

I want to talk to you today about loans.  A loan is an agreement between two (or more) parties to pay back a sum of money, usually with interest.   There are many types of loans.

Now, we are going to talk about mortgages.  If you don't have cash up front to buy a piece of property or a home, you can get a mortgage.  You agree to pay a sum of money to a lender and the property or home you are buying is your collateral.  You usually repay the loan in payments each month for a set number of years or months until the amount of the loan plus interest is paid in full.

You can get a mortgage from The Associates Home Loan of Florida If you have been in the military you may qualify for VA loan. That means that the United Sates Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is backing the loan. Usually, a VA loan does not require the borrower to make a down payment. This is a wonderful option to have, as down payments can be costly. VA loans offer the borrower many more options to the buyer than most loans out there. If getting a VA loan is an option for you, then I suggest you take that route for your mortgage.

There are many types of mortgages. My experience is with a VA loan. Not having to make a down payment is one of many perks of having the VA back your loan. Most financial institutions that offer mortgage loans will also offer the choice for you to get a VA loan if you qualify.

Personal loans is another type of loan I have experienced. For me, I would go to the same bank I have a checking and/or savings account. You may need or want a personal loan to borrow money for a vacation, buy household appliances, a huge car repair bill, or many other reasons. Your bank will take your loan application and look at your credit score. They also look at past loans you have with them and if you paid them on time and in full. If your credit score isn't great and you have past loans with your bank, they are more likely to give you the loan because of this. It is also easier to get a loan if you agree to have the payments automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. Many banks will reduce the interest rate if you agree to this stipulation of the loan.

Another type of loan is a car loan.  It is basically exactly what the words say.  You are borrowing money to pay for a car.  The car is the collateral for the loan.   You may want to go through a dealership to get the loan, such as Ford Motor Credit.  If you have excellent credit, the dealership can offer you a much lower interest rate than most  Sometimes it is 0%. 

All loans look at your credit worthiness.  This is how you pay your loans or credit cards, that you make the payments on time and pay off the loans within the allotted time frames.  

My advice for ANY loan is to always read the paperwork before you sign anything.  You need to know the amount of the loan, the interest rate, and the monthly payments and the length of the loan.
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