5 Awesome tips for improving modern interior

If you have a house or apartment with modern interior, there are lots of things that can be improved. People often think that modern is same as minimalistic but this isn’t usually the case. There are various modifications that can be done and each one of them will have a significant impact on your home.
But, sometimes it is really hard to determine what will work and what won’t. This is why we made this brief guide that will point out sure-shot tricks for improving your space.
Check them out!

  1. Adding mirrors
Most people see mirrors as utility items; you have to place them in certain area of your home where a person can check his/hers looks.
Although they are undeniably useful, they can also serve another purpose. Mirrors can be utilized as great ornaments for your walls.
Great thing about the mirrors is that they are really neutral. They fit with almost any design and are especially great with modern themes. This comes from the fact that modern interior uses much more simplified objects.
So, instead of opting for paintings, try some mirrors such as Hollywood mirrors.

  1. Fixing your lights
Like any other type of interior, modern style relies heavily on colors. Given that most people opt for more neutral colors such as white, they can easily be manipulated creating a completely new atmosphere.
Best way to do it?
By using different lights.
When I say different light I mainly refer to lights in different colors. These colors are often unpopular as homeowners see them as extreme. But, if you have white walls and furniture imagine how much you can accomplish by adding light in light blue color for example.
With a simple switch of light bulbs, you can completely revamp your home. The best thing yet is that this change can be reversed at your leisure

  1. Surround yourself with furniture  
Instead of going minimalistic and completely disregarding furniture, why don’t you try a different option and go all in.
Surround your whole living room with furniture of same color. This will give a feeling of unison throughout the room (and house if you do it in all the rooms).
Most people who go for modern design decide to use less furniture leaving a home empty. Although this might seem nice in terms of design it makes your home feel empty and uneventful. Do the opposite and make your house homey.

  1. Do not avoid wood
For most homeowners, wood looks retro. It gives homes that old, rustic feel and most individuals think that this cannot be incorporated into modern design. As a way to counter it, they will start painting the furniture and other elements just so they look more plastic and artificial.
You shouldn’t do this.
Wooden furniture and homes will never go out of style. It can still be incorporated and you shouldn’t go to great lengths in order to change this. Instead, simply embrace the material and make the best out of it.

  1. Do not overdo it with electronics
High tech devices are seen as extremely modern and as such, homeowners think that by having a lot of them they are actually creating modern design.
TV should always have a prominent place in your living room. Naturally, you will buy the latest model which is likely modern looking. That doesn’t mean that your interior devices should revolve around these devices.
As previously mentioned, a lot can be accomplished with right materials, colors and furniture. There is no need to further emphasize your interior if all the necessary elements are already set. This may only seem as overkill.


  1. This is excellent advice. I personally love wood and don't see anything wrong with it.

  2. Great advice! I love wood and can't imagine painting anything we own!

  3. very interesting , good job and thanks for sharing such a good blog.