Technology And Creativity, A Winning Combination

Technology used to have the unfair reputation as an industry which was a little staid, boring, and, well, technical! Those days are gone, and thankfully we can now see technology for what it really is. An amazing medium for getting creative. There are so many ways that technology can aid creativity, be it in fashion, beauty, film, or art. If you’re still struggling to see how technology and creativity are the perfect combination, check out these ideas for getting the creative juices flowing with the aid of tech…

Technology And Fashion

Technology has transformed the fashion industry. This may sound dramatic, but it really has. Thanks to technology fashion has never been so accessible and dynamic. More of us than ever can use apps to get involved and follow our favorite models, go behind the scenes at a Vogue photoshoot, or even start our own fashion blog. Bloggers combine tech like a website creator and a background creator with their fashion posts to create a great site. This isn’t the only way that technology is influencing the world of fashion…


E-Commerce is a huge part of the fashion industry and a lot of retailers have got online stores. It’s widely considered a more efficient and easy way to shop. Customers are able to browse hundreds of products in a matter of minutes, comparing prices, and colors easily and quickly. Not only that but goods are shipped and delivered in a matter of days. Technology has made these kinds of experiences possible. It doesn’t stop there though. There are even dresses which are now being designed to be controlled by remotes. The remote control can change the color of a dress and these kinds of designs could suggest a fashion-high-tech future.

The main problem with shopping online is that we can’t try clothes on. So when they get delivered they often don’t fit correctly. The world of tech has solved this problem by implementing revolutionary technology. Companies are now working on tools which will allow customers to try outfits on in virtual fitting rooms. Complete with 3D scanners, this software will change the face of e-commerce.

Recognition Apps

This is another breakthrough that has solved the struggles of every fashionista. Walking down the street how many of us has seen someone wearing an outfit we love. For those who aren’t bold enough to go and ask where they bought it from, there’s now a fashion recognition app. Basically, you can take a picture of the clothing you want to find, upload it, and the app will locate it on the internet. The only problem, this could cause a lot of on-the-spot purchases!


There are even computer programs which make it possible to design your own textiles to be printed. This cuts out the middleman and allows you to create a bespoke and innovative design. This is an exciting tool which will hopefully inspire a new generation of designers to get creating.

Technology And Film

Filmmaking and technology are the perfect partnership. From cameras to CGI special effects, technology can transform a film and transport and audience. Here are just some of the ways that technology is transforming the face of film…

3D Printing

This technique is actually used in fashion too, so it’s no surprise that film studios have applied it to their costumes. 3D printing is perfect for film because it can achieve a new level of detail finished to an incredibly high standard. It will make it far easier to produce costumes and props for sets in a flexible and efficient way. The new release Avengers: Age of Ultron is said to have used these facilities to print and assemble an entire spaceship and other set pieces.

You As The Director

Developments in technology have also made it easier than ever for us to become the director and shoot our own stories. You may not necessarily think of it like this, but shooting videos on our phones and tablets is the perfect pairing of creativity and technology. The likes of the GoPro camera have made it easy to release our inner director and shoot high-quality scenes. Similarly, the development of the front facing and swivel camera on our phones has led to the ‘selfie-age.’ With more of us than ever choosing to snap ourselves in great outfits or with friends, to document our lifestyles.

Ditching The Glasses

3D films can be quite divisive. Some of us love the immersive actions, others feel that the technology hasn’t quite been nailed yet, and what’s with the glasses? Sometimes they don’t fit correctly, or they give cinema-goers headaches. The good news is technology is being developed that means we can do away with the 3D glasses. Lenticular lens technology will redirect light into each eye. This means that we will process two different images at the same time, giving the illusion of depth.

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  1. It's amazing how far technology has come and continues to grow in leaps and bounds!