4 Unpredictable Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

Your birthday happens once a year like clockwork, and it’s time to think about what you want to do for the next one. Sure, there are a lot of times you just want to go to a bar with your friends and celebrate. However, as you get a little older, you might decide you would like to do something a little more original and unique. Sure, there are plenty of unique party ideas to choose from, but what if you skipped the party altogether?

It’s your birthday so, for the most part, you can pretty much do whatever you choose. This is the perfect opportunity to be as original and unpredictable as you can be and to really choose something fitting for your personality. Get a load of these unpredictable ways you can go about celebrating your birthday this year.

#1. Do Nothing


No, you didn’t read that wrong. What better and more unique way of celebrating your birthday these days than doing nothing? In a time when everyone is striving to be unique and different, this is an excellent way of being original and putting your own personality on things. There is no rule out there that says you have to do something for your birthday, so the best thing to do is to think outside the box. Perhaps doing nothing this year is just what you need to cap off the year in quirky style.

#2. Plan a Thrilling Activity


There are a lot of activities you could choose to do for your birthday, and many of these have changed and evolved over the years. In the past, you might have thought about going paintballing or engaging in laser tag. However, these days you might want something a little more cerebral like an Escape Room . Planning a thrilling activity is so important because it allows you to bond with friends as a group, and have a birthday experience that is unlike anything you might have had before.

#3. Go Abroad


Here’s a unique and unpredictable idea, why not go abroad for your birthday?! This doesn’t have to be a long vacation, but you could book a weekend city break to celebrate in style. This is an excellent way of ensuring you celebrate your birthday with a difference. You have to make sure you book your trip somewhere that isn’t too far away, and that you’re going to enjoy. There are so many wonderful places you can check out, and you should invite some close friends to come along with you.

#4. Geocaching



Have you ever been geocaching? It’s only the best thing ever! Basically, it’s like a mixture of orienteering and a treasure hunt. You head along coastal paths seeking clues to eventually lead you to treasure or a destination. Geocaching is fun, silly, and lets you be a big kid again for an afternoon. Of course, you might need to be near the coast for this to be a viable option, but it is certainly a cool and unique birthday option.

How great are these 4 rad ideas for celebrating your birthday in a unique and unpredictable way?! They are ideas that will help you to choose things fitting to your personality, and you will be able to have a memorable birthday (even if you do nothing).



  1. I mean doing nothing for me would be just lounging all day and catching up on some craft projects.

  2. I love these ideas! I haven't done anything on my birthday in a while!


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