Splash Out is a fun way to cool off in the summer

I received this product from the people at Far Out Toys in order to do this review.
Far Out Toys has teamed up with the 7 year old YouTube star Ryan from Ryan's World.  This is a new version of the original Splash Out, an action packed extreme game where you need to provide answers quickly and correctly, then pass the ball on before time runs out and you get "Splashed Out!" and soaked with the water that filled the balloon.  

Inside the box you will find 1 Splash Out Ball, 24 Water Balloons, 1 Hose Nozzle Adapter and an Adapter For Indoor Play Option.  You put a filled water balloon inside the ball, which includes a wind up timer, and wind it up.  When timer runs out, the water balloon is punctured and whoever is holding the ball gets splashed with the water.  

Splash Out is recommended for age 5 and up and retails for $12.99.  You can find them in Target stores and online, and on Amazon.  

This toy is great for family BBQ's, reunions and any time you get together with family or friends.  It's perfect for a hot summer day.   

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