Try these games on your next Family Game Night

I received these products from The Master Theorem Games for review.

This is Snippets.  Thanks to Snippets' unique "anything goes" rule, this game requires more of a creative mind than a large vocabulary.  Snippets is a sequence of letters that can be found as a whole within words.  To play, you flip over a snippets card and flip over the 60 minute timer.  Then you quickly write down as many words as you can that contains that snippet until the timer runs out.  When the timer runs out, compare your words with those of the other players.  Earn points for unique words and for fun bonuses (longest word, fewest crossed words, the most words and other bonuses).  The highest score wins the round and the first to win three rounds wins the game.  Inside the box you will find 300 Snippet Cards, 4 answer pads, 4 pencils, 4 Scoring Cheat Sheets and an instruction booklet.  There is a free timer app for Android and i Phones.  This is a 2-8 player game for ages 10 and up.  You can purchase it on their website for $24.99.

This is Snippets Junior.  It's an expansion for Snippets with 100 extra cards that are perfect for younger children age 6-9.  You can play by the full or simplified rules.  It helps kids build vocabulary and improve spelling.  It's recommended to use with the full Snippets game, but it isn't required to play.  The box contains 100 easy Snippet Cards, 4 Scoring Cheat Sheets and Instruction Card.  You can purchase Snippets Junior on their website for $9.99.

This is PROOF!  This is an award winning, fast, fun and addictive math game that the whole family can enjoy.  To play you turn 9 cards face up in 3 rows of three.  Using only those cards, you look for cards you can combine to form a true math equation.  You can use addition, subtraction, multiplication or division as long as the equation is correct.  Once you find one, shout it out before anyone else finds one.  If your equation is correct, then you get to keep the cards you used in the equation.  Deal new cards to replace the ones you kept and keep playing.  When the deck runs out, the person with the most cards wins.  The game comes with 100 number cards and an instruction booklet.  It's a 2-6 player game recommended for age 9 and up.  It's great to help kids improve their math skills.  You can purchase PROOF! on their website for $14.99.   



  1. We love games in our house, even now with our kids in college. This one looks like fun.

  2. We enjoy having a family game night together, and my family would enjoy these games!


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