Great games for you family game night!

I received these products from Blue Orange Games for review.  Blue Orange Games encourages local shopping.  You can use the store locator on their website to find a store in your area that carries these games.

Sherlock Express is a game where you help Sherlock find the accomplice of his arch enemy Moriarty.  You might even manage to catch Moriarty himself!  This game is for 2-6 players age 7 and up.  You will need your skill of visual perception, logic and processing speed.  Each turn you will examine the alibis of the suspects and use logic and deductive reasoning to determine who is innocent and who is guilty.  To win the round you need to be the to figure out who the culprit is.  The game contains 27 suspect cards, 36 alibi cards and illustrated rules. 

In Dragon's Cave, you are one of a group of brave dwarves who are lured into the Dragon's cave to steal its treasure.  But be careful!  You don't want the dragon to predict your next move as you inch forward, gathering gold coins as you go.  If he does, you will be forced to move backwards and may even lose your gold coins!  You will need to use all of your skills of focus and attention, strategy and social play to bluff your way through the cave to strike it rich.  The game contains a game board, wooden dragon, four wooden dwarves, 44 gold coins, 4 treasure chests, four coins pouch tokens, 23 cards and illustrated rules.  This game is for 2-4 players age 7 and up.

In Slide Quest you need to use cooperation, fine motor skills, focus and attention to guide the knight through 20 different adventures.  Work together to navigate the twists and turns while avoiding the traps and getting past obstacles.  Each player holds a lever and they all work together to guide the knight along the right paths on the moving platform.  As the challenges become more difficult, you will need to hold on to your lives in order to reach the highest level and win.  Slide Quest turned a video game concept into a board game where dexterity and cooperation are the keys to success.  You need 1-4 players for this game and it is recommended for ages 7 and up.  The game contains a game board, 4 levers, 20 challenge sheets,  a rolling knight, 8 obstacles (2 arches, 4 barriers, 2 rocks), 9 traps (4 dynamites, 4 guards, 1 villain), 1 heart marker, 1 game saver, 1 life counter (3 levels of difficulty) and illustrated rules.

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