The Chrysler Pacifica – The Perfect Family Car

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A growing family means you need the perfect vehicle for school runs, carpooling, family vacations and more. Enter the Chrysler Pacifica. Since 2017, this award-winning vehicle has been receiving rave reviews and changing the way the country looks at minivans. As the new school semester approaches, we’re here to tell you why the Pacifica was and still is the perfect choice for the family on the go.

1. Hands-free side sliding doors
You thought it was cool when they put in the sensors that meant you could open the trunk with just a wave of your foot. Well, the Pacifica lets you do the same with the sliding doors. So, as you’re loading the kids, as well as their bags, lunches, their friends and even the dog into the van, it’s all hands free.

2. Comfort all the way
Every row of seats in the back offers comfort and space, not like many vans where the third row is more cramped. Now everyone in the family can sit comfortably and securely. What’s more, the second-row seat can be tipped forward, even when there is a child-seat installed. The Pacifica knows the struggle is real, and now brings you the answers.

3. More latch anchors
Boost passenger capacity for carpooling days by using the LATCH anchors, which come for up to five seating positions --- two sets in both the second and third rows, and an additional eighth seat that clicks in between the second-row captain’s chairs.

4. UConnect
Chrysler’s Uconnect Theater, the car is also a portable fun center designed to keep kids busy and/or entertained. The touchscreen displays come with games and apps, and parents can keep control of content and even listen in from the main infotainment system. HDMI ports are available in each screen, and every row also comes with USB ports. It’s truly a car for modern “charging” times.

5. There’s a Hybrid version
No, this is not a typo. The Pacifica was the first ever minivan to come in a hybrid model; a plug-in hybrid. It’s the perfect gas saver, allowing you to run all your daily errands without using a drop of fossil fuel. For longer trips, use up the power first and it’ll switch seamlessly over to gas for the rest. This vehicle really has your back, and is your wallet’s friend!

We know! Minivans have been uncool for years, and family’s have often begrudgingly traded in their beloved sedans and sports cars in exchange for a spacious family alternative. With the Pacifica, however, you’re not getting any “ordinary” minivan. Check out your nearest dealer for great deals on the new jewel in Chrysler’s crown.

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