These are perfect games for a family game night.

I received these products from Bicycle for review.  If your family is like mine, you will love these games.  We try to have a family game night as often as we can, so I am always on the lookout for games that will be fun for the whole family.

How well do you know your family and friends?  Do you think you know how they would react in specific awkward situations?  Try playing It's Blunderful and find out if you know them as well as you think you do!

It's Blunderful is easy to learn.  It has fun, non offensive, adult related content.  It keeps all players involved during every turn through the act of placing bets on how you think others would react to the specified situation.  Each player has their own betting scorecard which they will use to place their bets.  

To play, one player reads the Blunderful card and secretly chooses how they would react.  Then the other players place their bets on which reaction you chose.  Then everyone reveals their answers and the ones who guessed correctly will gain the amount of points that they wagered.  Those who guessed incorrectly will lose the amount of points that they wagered.  The amount of points a player will gain or lose is the amount they chose to use as their wager.  The first person to reach 100 points wins the game.

It's Blunderful is a 4-8 player game and is recommended for ages 17 and over.  The suggested retail price is $24.99 and you can purchase it HERE.

Shuffle Grand Prix is a fast paced, strategic racing card game.  You select your drivers according to their unique abilities to increase your chances of winning.  In the course of the game, you will play cards to slow your opponents while protecting yourself.  The person who travels the furthest by the time the distance cards run out will win.  

Shuffle Grand Prix is a fun for the whole family.  It is recommended for ages 13 and over, but I have a 6 year old who is able to play with minimal help.  It is a perfect game for people with a competitive nature and is great practice for strategical thinking.  My family has a blast playing this game.  We even used a black and white dish towel to wave as a checkered flag, just for fun! 

This is a 2-4 player game and even though it is recommended for ages 13 and over, my kids (ages 6, 10 and almost 12) had no trouble playing it.  The suggested retail price is $24.99 and you can purchase it HERE.

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