How to Better Manage Your Autumn School Run

How to Better Manage Your Autumn School Run
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The kids are back at school and that means the Monday to Friday school run operations are also back in full swing. The long summer break may have put you a bit our of sync and you might now be struggling to get back into school mode. Lucky for you, we’ve prepared a handy guide for you that will help you navigate your way back to your old position of school run supremo.

1. Keep Calm and Carry On
This London wartime mantra holds true for many family situations even in the modern setting. The chaotic morning routine before successfully getting all the kids into the car without forgetting anything is an Olympian undertaking, but it requires composure and calmness first and foremost. So, take a deep breath, close your eyes and visualize the plans and steps you need to take clearly in your mind before you begin.

2. Make Detailed Plans
Some might say that making a plan is the first step towards disappointing yourself when one step goes wrong, but we disagree. The routine you’re managing is essentially the same each day, so if you plan ahead, you can be ready for anything, including contingencies for when things go wrong.
l  Checklist for the kids’ school bags
l  Car warmed up on the driveway a few minutes before departure
l  Emergency snacks and supplies pre-loaded into the car
l  A spare outfit for each child stored in the car
l  Gym clothes or other sporting equipment pre-loaded so it’s “forget-proof”

3. Empty the car’s trash daily
Keeping the car clean and organized will help you keep your thoughts organized. There’s nothing like a clean dash, organized glove compartment and trash-free floors to help keep your mind in order, too. Keep a roll of trash bags in the car and get everyone to pick up and dump the trash in the bag when they get home. This way, each morning starts neat and tidy.

4. Plan multiple routes
Of course you don’t need to use satellite navigation to get to school, because you’ve always known the way to get there, right? Well, you might know one way to get there, but do you know all the ways? Always plan at least three possible routes to your kids’ schools just in case weather or roadworks mean you have to switch things up to get there on time. Check local traffic reports before you set out and adjust your route accordingly. You can even coordinate traffic intelligence with other parents in your circle!

5. Work out parking ahead of time (again, with alternatives)
Once you’re there, you may not be able to simply drop off and drive off. You may have to walk young children up to the gate or even into the school. If that’s the case, you’ll need a handy place to park. Urban schools don’t always come with off-street parking, and you may get a ticket if you end up in the wrong place. Scout ahead, and work out two or three possibilities for parking as you drop off your kids at school.

Follow this guide and mitigate the inevitable chaos and stress caused by the daily school run.

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