SUV or Pickup – Which One is for You?

Anyone out there looking for a size upgrade in their vehicle will typically think of an SUV or a pickup truck as possible options. The question inevitably is, which one will best suit your needs? Both SUVs and pickups have many advantages, and also lots of things in common. Their size, utility, fuel consumption and insurance costs may be comparable, but there are also key differences that buyers should consider carefully before making a final decision.

The Case for the SUV
First, let’s address what situations would suit choosing a new SUV as the family car. It’s hard to deny that the SUV is, for many, the pure aesthetic choice. Though modern pickup designs have gone far in boosting the truck’s image, it’s still hard to compare a pickup with a stunning Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk with its sporty lines, glittering alloys and sumptuous interior packed with features. So, what kind of buyer should favor the SUV?

l  Those looking for more flexible seating options --- an SUV may come with the all-important third row, but in general offers flexible and all-comfortable seating arrangements for the entire family as a standard feature.
l  Those looking for best balance of utility and comfort --- an SUV will give you more-than adequate cargo space for groceries, kids’ school stuff, sports gear and whatnot, but also tremendous passenger and driver space and comfort.

The Case for the Pickup
When it comes to pickup trucks, you often think of power and utility. Even though pickups have been greatly upgraded and rebranded in recent years, they have never lost these two essential qualities. They may still not be able to match the extent of luxury that many SUVs offer, but they are closing the gap. Not only have interiors been greatly improved, but many useful driver assistance features and tech features are also now included. What kind of buyer is destined to opt for the pickup?

l  Those who still, after everything, prioritize utility before comfort --- anyone in need of regular space to move goods or tools will always prefer the space that the rear bed of the pickup offers.
l  Those who use their vehicle for professional activities --- for those working construction, contracting or similar jobs that takes them off-road, the power of the pickup is what they prefer. What’s more, they still have the option of a double cabin with extra seating should they need it.

In the end, both SUVs and pickups have numerous benefits to the driver. This certainly isn’t a case of one being better than another. If you’re thinking of making an upgrade yourself, then you should think about your own driving needs carefully being signing up for either a new SUV or pickup truck.

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