Educational Play Kits to build and play

I received some awesome products from MEandMine for review.  They offer award winning educational play kits for children age 3-8.  Through a new play experience, a child's journey of self discovery becomes a fun, mind blowing and inspiring hands on adventure.  These play kits will help kids discover all the marvelous ways their body and emotions work to help them grow.  MEandMine products are designed by educators, pediatricians and psychologists.   


Fish Our Germs is a game for children age 4-7 and has a retail price of $24.99.  Germ attack alert is on!  You need to build the White Blood Cell and fish out the germs!  This box transforms kids' favorite fishing game into a crazy fun body adventure that teaches the art of healing and how kids can help get their healing squads back in shape.    

Coral-laboration is a 2-4 player game for ages 3-6.  It has a retail price of $24.99.  Our sea friend and her baby egg are in danger!  Join the Ocean Rescue Squad, team up and work together to send them home.  In this action packed adventure under the sea, kids practice good listening skills and turn taking.  They will explore their strengths and communicate ideas using their own words.

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