Spice things up with plusOne

I recevied these products for review.  If you are looking for something to spice things up in the bedroom, try these products from plusOne.   They are reasonably priced and you can find them available for sale at your local Walmart store.

The plusOne Vibrating Ring fits snugly and provides sensations for both partners.  It is made of a super stretchy body safe silicone to allow it to adjust to fit most sizes.  Experiment with the 10 different vibration settings to find the one you like best.  It is water safe as well!  This can be used by couples, or individuals.  It's soft, smooth and flexible, making it comfortable and easy to use.  It's easy to clean, which means it's easy to keep it hygienic.  It is rechargeable, charges quickly and a single charge will last up to 2 hours.  It even comes with a nice little travel bag to store it in!  The suggested retail prices is $15.98.
The plusOne Personal Massager can be used in a number of different ways.  Use it to relieve a kink in your neck or to get kinky in the bedroom.  You can even take it into the shower with you because it is completely waterproof.  So have fun with it.  It has 10 different vibration settings and is made of high quality body safe silicone that is super soft, smooth and extremely flexible.  It has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that will hold a charge for up to 4 hours.  it is hygienic, quick charging and easy to clean.  The suggested retail price is $24.98. 
Bring your pleasure to a new level with plusOne's Dual Vibrating Massager with 10 vibration settings.  It has two motors which allows the two tips to vibrate independently.  It is extremely quiet and is made from velvety soft silcone.  It is rechargeable and will give you up to 3 hours of fun with each charge.  It is ultra hygienic, easy to clean and comes with a USB charging cable.  The suggested retail price is $29.98.